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Nazm Nazm Sa Ye Kya Hai Bhai?

Nazm Nazm Sa Ye Kya Hai Bhai?


Nazm can be defined as that look of your crush that will raise your heartbeat, give you goosebumps and provide you with the ultimate level of contentment. It is that music of nightingale that composes your heart and soothes your ears. It is that sukhi-papdi after a golgappa-treat, that will reach straight to your heart.


Technically, Nazm is a prominent part of what we know as Urdu Poetry. Its main objective is certified and presented in the form of narrative, descriptive or satirical rhythmic statements. So get ready to go out in a nazm-mela because they have so many types:

1. Doha: “Aise vani boliye jo sexist comment na hoy” Yes! This is Doha. It is a form of nazm, composed in Matrika-metre and a couplet of two lines.


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2. Hamad: This form is all about praising the god. “Hamad” is a word from the Quran and usually sung before Qawwali. So put your headphones on and lose yourself in “Khwaja mere Khwaja”. Ye! It is Hamad.Hamad: This form is all about praising the god. “Hamad” is a word from the Quran and usually sung before Qawwali. So put your headphones on and lose yourself in “Khwaja mere Khwaja”. Ye! It is Hamad.


3. Kafi: It is a part of nazm, a classical form of Sufi music that is mainly famous in the Indian subcontinent. This is usually written and sung in Sindhi, Punjabi and Siraiki. It shows the connection between murid and murshid.


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4. Manqabat: It is a devotional Sufi poem that can take you to another universe. It is sung to praise the son-in-law of Muhammad, named Ali ibn Abi Talib. It is usually performed during Qawwali too.


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5. Musaddas: It is a form of nazm in which each unit consists of 6 lines known as Misra. It has the power to calm your restlessness and extract out your daily life issues.


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6. Mukhammas: It means fivefold. The name suggests this form of nazm is written in the pentameter as each paragraph consists of five-lines. It can also be called Panch Ka Jadoo.


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7. Noha: Nazm not only presents love but can drain you down into pain. Noha It is a lament form or the form of mourning poetry about the tragedy of Husayn-ibn-Ali in the battle of Karbala.


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8. Qasida: Type of ode that follows a selective metre throughout the poem. Also, every line keeps a check on rhyming. It mainly consists of fifteen to eighty lines.


9. Qawwali: It is devotional singing, originated from Sufi Islamic culture. Remember “bhardo jholi meri?” from Bajrangi Bhaijaan? Yes, it is also a form of Nazm!


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10. Rubai: It is a quatrain consisting of four lines in a paragraph or verse of a poem. It is a form of Persian poetry that is written and sung in Rumi metre.


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11. Tarana: A form of nazm invented by Amir Khusro. It is usually sung at Madhya-laya or Drut-laya. It is a part of Hindustani classical vocal music consisting of Persian and Arabic words.


12. Soaz: A form of nazm that has origins in Lucknow. It is usually sung by Shia Muslim in honour of Imam Hussain and the battle of Karbala. It is also known as Soazkhawan, a quatrain in different rhymes.


13. Sehra: It is sung by the sisters at the time of nikah (marriage), praising their brother who rewards the sisters with money, and gals’ be like, “mast business hai yeh toh.”


14. Naat: A form of nazm in South Asia. It is poetry done in praise of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. It is sung and written in Pashto, Punjabi, Bengali and Urdu. Also, do not confuse it with Hamad.


15. Mathnawi: A form of nazm with an indefinite number of couplets usually written with a meter of eleven, sometimes it is ten and no limit with the syllables.


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So, now you should go and listen to all these forms of nazm. Thank us later.


Crush ko karna ho impress yaa girlfriend ko ho manana, kaafi hai bas nazm ek sunana. Waah, waah, waah, waah…!


Ye, this is why we said, go out and explore better shayaris. LOL.

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