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7 Thoughtful New Plant Parent Gifts, For They Deserve A Cookie!

7 Thoughtful New Plant Parent Gifts, For They Deserve A Cookie!

new plant parent gifts

Good New Plant Parent Gifts can be a beautiful gesture to give a warm and proud pat. Love for a child is boundless for a human baby or a plant baby. It requires a lot of love and maintenance, and so, gifts can be a great motivation!

Here is a list of new plant parent gifts that you can consider:

  1. Watering Cans
  • Watering Cans are not only aesthetic but a thoughtful and purposeful gift.
  • They are available at the local supermarket and online.
  • Minimum Price: Rs 200
new plant parent gifts, Watering Cans
  1. Grow Lights
  • Artificial lights help plants to grow by providing a light spectrum with the same force as the Sun.
  • These are high-intensity discharge (HID) lights that are the most common type of indoor lights.
  • Minimum Price: Rs700
  1. Pop Message Stick
  •  Easily customisable message stick is one of the cutest new plant parent gifts.
  • These are used for remembering the names of plants.
  • Minimum Price: Rs 400
  1. Gardening Gloves
  • Another carefully chosen gift for new plant parents, as these gloves can help in prevention from allergies.
  • If your new plant parents are fond of roses or cacti, this present is sure to protect them from rose spines injury.
  • Minimum Price: Rs 350
  1. Self-watering Pots
  • In a busy cosmopolitan world, lack of time can often become a sad reason behind lack of care towards plants.
  • Self-watering Pots can be a perfect choice for your busy new plant parents. These provide the correct amount of water and at the right time.
  • Minimum Price: Rs 500
Self-watering Pots

via gardenista

  1. Gardening Tip Books
  • You might not be a plant-enthusiast but feel proud of your new plant parents! Then, to express your joy, what better than a self-help book?
  • Gardening Tip Books will help new plant parents to build a brighter future for plants.
  • Minimum Price: Rs 409 (Home Gardeners’ Guide: Indian Garden Flowers)
  1. Plant Scissors
  • Plant scissors might sound like a petty one in the list of new plant parents gifts, but highly thoughtful.
  • Plants require proper grooming. This gift would encourage new plant parents to grow their plant fully, and they can soon use plant scissors to refine their plants.
  • Minimum Price: Rs 300
Plant Scissors, new plant parent gifts

via bosque

New plant parent gifts can be a tender expression and encouragement for many new plant owners. Moreover, you are not only giving them but also giving hope to mother nature and the environment.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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