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Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Newborn Lifestyle Photography


On the other hand, lifestyle newborn photography is taken in the home of the family, not a studio, and captures the baby in their environment. The baby is photographed in a natural setting in poses he or she moves into unaided. My popular Lifestyle Newborn Sessions involve both babies individually, and babies with their parents. A lifestyle session does not include props or formal posing. They are more candid, with the focus primarily on the new bond between you.

Dressing for your newborn photo session:

  1. Clothing that wrinkles easily should be avoided. In this case, there isn’t much to say. All of you will be holding the baby, which could cause wrinkles. You can relax now!

  2. Avoid clothes that you’ll need to adjust constantly. If it doesn’t lay properly, your bra strap keeps needing to be tucked away, or your shirt is too short to stay tucked in, reconsider these options.

  3. Shoes are not important. I only take newborn session photos where your feet show when everyone is seated on the bed.

  4. Make sure you wear solid colours or small prints.

  5. By avoiding distracting prints, you can keep your photos timeless and focused on the baby.

  6. Whites, creams, neutrals, pastels, or blacks are all appropriate.

  7. White complements the newness and innocence of a baby and is timeless.

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  8. Keep the attention on your baby and away from your clothing by wearing neutrals.

  9. By using pastels, you can create an outfit to match the nursery. Additionally, they have that “new baby” look.

  10. When it comes to hiding a post-maternity belly, black is best.

Lifestyle photography is best known for capturing the beauty and authenticity of everyday life. Graduates of Click Love Grow often follow this style. We didn’t have to look too far for inspiration when we decided to write a guide on how to shoot a lifestyle newborn photo session.

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