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Nintendo Switch And The World Of Gaming In A 6.2 Inches Display

Nintendo Switch And The World Of Gaming In A 6.2 Inches Display



Imagining a geometry box as your Nintendo Switch and playing virtually in your mind were the best days. Many companies were making home consoles which were not possible to take everywhere with you.



Dig below how Nintendo Switch changed the portable gaming console scenario.



1. Nintendo Switch is a gaming console developed by Nintendo. Nintendo Switch was released in most regions on March 3, 2017.



2. Nintendo Switch is the first console used as a Tablet console, hybrid console, home console or portable console.



3. Nintendo Switch looks like a Playstation PSP. Nintendo Switch has wireless Joy-Con controllers, with standard buttons and directional analogue sticks for user inputs.



4. Nintendo Switch is the 8th generation console launched in competition with Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4.



5. Nintendo Switch consists of a Multi-touch capacitive touch screen, 6.2-inch LCD Screen. Nintendo Switch weighs around .88 lbs with the Joy-Con Controller.



6. Nintendo Switch box consists of Nintendo Switch Console with its Nintendo Switch Dock. There are 2 different colours of Joy-Con, on the Left and Right sides. For connectivity and charging, it has an HDMI Cable and AC adapter.



7. Nintendo Switch comes with an internal space of 32 GB. For additional space, you can buy a MicroSD Card for the external space for game storage.



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8. Nintendo Switch Runs on the Nintendo custom made system called Horizon, built on a microkernel architecture.



9. Nintendo Switch has more than 3767 games available in Nintendo eShop. Some games are free, and some require in-game purchases. Which can be stored in an internal or SD card space.



10. Nintendo Switch XA console gives you a battery backup of approx 2.5 to 6.5 hours. For the Nintendo Switch Lite, the battery life is 3 to 7 hours.



11. According to the Nintendo reports, 80 million Nintendo Switch units till 2020.



Nintendo Switch might be a little expensive to buy. These are one-time expenditure games with lifetime gaming fun. So start saving money from the right to buy the Nintendo Switch in upcoming years. 

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