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Now you can travel the whole world for free.

Now you can travel the whole world for free.



As per the petrol and diesel price hike, everyone will shift to the simulator and enjoy travelling. Simulator games are always fun to play. No petrol/diesel is required to play the simulations games.

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for simulation information




1. Vehicle Simulation is a genre of simulation game. Vehicle Simulation provides you with a realistic feel of driving. Simulation games include all types of vehicles simulation like Car, truck, boat, aeroplane.



2. From vehicles simulation games to real-world simulation, it has travelled a lot. Nowadays, vehicle simulations are used for Training license purposes. Whereas Airplane simulations are used to train the pilots before their official flight.



3. Car simulation is the most played vehicle simulation game. Car simulation accessories like the Steering wheel and pedal gives you the realistic feel of driving.

Fast and furious Made in India



4. A flight simulator is one of the types of vehicle Simulation. The flight simulator gives you a realistic overview of the aircraft mechanism. 

Microsoft Flight simulators are the perfect example of flight simulators with the realistic and Genuine processor of operating the flight. After playing the flight simulator, you will only say Aasmaan ki unchaiyo mein…Charo taraf kohra hi kohra.



5. Boat simulators are one of the most interesting genres of vehicle simulation. With the realistic boats and Cruise function, you can experience the beautiful beaches view.

Don’t worry not going to be Titanic again.

Yeh haseen waadiyaan ye khula aasmaan

Aa gaye hum kahan aye mere saajna.



6. Truck Simulation games concepts are focused on the transportation of food, building materials. 3d graphics of the truck simulators game make you feel as you are driving the truck.

Why go to Canada when you can drive here.


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7. Everyone loves going on vacation to grandma by train. Always thinking about how trains change tracks. Train simulator games provide the realistic experience of the train. How Train starts, catches the speed, gives passes and much more stuff.




8. The submarine simulator is the subgenre of vehicle simulation. In the Submarine simulator, the player controls the Submarine and explores underwater. Some Submarine simulator gameplay is based on Searching for the boats and exploring underwater, others are based on Searching opponent Submarines and destroying them.




9. Destroy your problems from life, like tanks destroy the enemy’s vehicles. Playing tank simulator games with fully loaded weapons gives you immense pleasure to damage the enemies checkpost. Tank simulator FFP mode gives the realistic view of a tank from inside how the mechanism works.




Enjoy the game, don’t worry about Fine. These games don’t require a license to ride the vehicle. Drive and enjoy as smoothly as Selmon bhai did.

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