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10 Most Famous Nutritionists of the World

10 Most Famous Nutritionists of the World


In the following section, we will be sharing with you the world’s top ten, most eminent nutritionists.


Food is one of the primary needs of any living being. But, in the modern world, we have so much of it that we often get confused about what’s healthy for us to eat, according to our body requirements. Thus, an excellent exercising routine is ineffective without a profound diet plan. That’s where the role of skilled nutritionists enters, who can advise on it according to your needs and body type.


Here are the 10 Most Famous Nutritionists of the World whose advises you must follow:

  1. Susan Powter:
  • An Australian-born American Motivational Speaker, Dietitian, Author, and Personal Trainer.
  • She is an acclaimed Nutritionist who concerns weight loss.
  • She was also the host of her own talk show The Susan Powter Show (in the 1990s).

2. Mila Rechcigl:

  • Past President of Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences.
  • Along with being a nutritionist, she is also a trained Biochemist, Cancer Researcher, Writer, Editor, Historian, Bibliographer and Genealogist.

3. Robin Miller:

  • Author, Nutritionist, and Chef from the US.
  • He is author of ten books, including Robin Takes 5 and the bestseller, Quick Fix Meals, which contain valuable nutrition advice from around the globe.

4. Gillian McKeith:

  • A Scottish Television Presenter and Writer.
  • She was the former host of You Are What You Eat.
  • She deals with diet advice in high nutrition in fruits, vegetables, grains and many more.

5. Zheng Ji:

  • A Chinese Nutritionist, pioneering Biochemist and Scientist.
  • Having lived to the age of 110, Zheng Ji was the founder of modern nutrition science in China.

6. Ellie Krieger:

  • American Dietician, Author, and Presenter who has written several books on healthy eating.
  • She was also the host of Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger on Food Network.

7. Marion Nestle:

  • Another American Academic and Author, who is known for a strict opposition to unhealthy foods being a nutritionist.
  • She is the promoter of Food Studies as an academic field.

8. Earl Lawrence Mindell:

  • A Canadian-American Writer.
  • She is a strong advocate of nutrition as preventive to medicine and homoeopathy.

9. Amanda Hamilton:

  • A Scottish businesswoman, broadcaster, and writer in the fields of food, health, and nutrition.
  • She is the author of Life-Changing Weight Loss and many more books.

10. Nicholas Perricone:

See Also

  • Once again, an American, Nicholas is an Author, Physician, and Nutritionist, who opposes the use of Botox.
  • He is also the creator of books, Weight-Loss Diet, Make Me Young: Youth Knows No Pain and Healthy Aging.


As the list ends, we are curious to know how many of these master nutritionist’s pieces of advice do you follow?


If you haven’t known any, then why not begin with the below one–

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