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Octopus Facts That Are Intriguing And Jaw-Dropping!

Octopus Facts That Are Intriguing And Jaw-Dropping!


Cherished Pogo-cartoon, Oswald, was inspired by an Octopus as the lead. It used to make the children lost in its world, leaving them with a broad smile and joy.                                                           Know more about this atypical creature with a head and eight legs, which now you can read under this!

  1. An “aquatic and squishy-squishy animal with 8 legs” is one of the typical definitions for an Octopus, but this mollusc is more than that.

2. Belonging to the order Coleoidea, this genus consists of more than 300 species, including the squid, nautiloids, and cuttlefish.

3. They do not possess any particular mouth like opening, but they have a strong sense of touch through the suckers which are present on their tentacles.

4. They have the ability of regeneration and thus can grow a tentacle if it gets disappeared by any chance.

5. Octopus possesses three hearts out of which one is known as the systemic heart, which pumps blood to the body. Also, the other two are the branchial hearts. They pump deoxygenated blood to the paired gill for oxygenation.

6. These beings usually like crawling more as their systemic heart gets switched-off (becomes inactive) while they swim.

7. That fascinating ink-sac of an octopus is present for their protection from the predators, which gets its black colour from melanin, a pigment present in it.

8. An Octopus is a poisonous animal, but not all of them are deadly to a human!

Captivating blue-ringed Octopus that are found in the coral reefs of Japan, Asia, and India are the only exceptions (that is, these ones are dangerous ones).

9. They are a delicacy in Korean Cuisine because of their chewy yet fishy texture.

As a meal, they are a good source of essential vitamins like vitamin B12, vitamin B6, iron, copper, and magnesium.

Come on, now, do not think, “It is cruel to eat Oswald!” Even lions eat humans, but look so cute from afar!

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Ah! “The way of the world”.

But here is something interesting– Do you know, Octopus is a surprisingly smart animal?

Encountering an octopus is like standing before a great mind; they also have a large brain to body ratio.

Maybe that is why our Oswald was shown soo intelligent! What do you think?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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