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9 Oldest Empires of the World that Changed Human History

9 Oldest Empires of the World that Changed Human History

Kali Sharma

Its rightly said, indeed, “Old is Gold!” And so we will know about the oldest empires in the following blog.

Some of the greatest human civilizations that have ever existed on the planet also gave us “their” greatest empires!

Whether you are interested in a History class or not, here are 9 oldest empires in the world, which changed the course of human history.

  1. Sumerian (Akkadian Empire)

The first Middle-East Civilization of the World, Sumer, was also the place where the first empire of the world, Akkadian, rose to power which unfortunately lasted only 300-years.

2. Roman

One of the greatest empires of all times is as exactly that gritty that you talk or read it to be. Think, we are blabbering? Well, it was built on a bone-chilling murder of a brother by his twin.

3. Persian

Cyrus the Great, created the greatest empire of the world, Persian Empire, by leading an army to topple his own grandfather in 559 BC.

4. Macedonian

Known for its timber resources, the Kingdom of Macedonian prospered under the legendary, Alexander the Great and King Philip II.

5. Byzantine

Also known as Byzantium, this empire was the eastern half of the roman empire that continued on even after the western half-collapsed.

6. Ottoman

What began as a small Turkish State to the Huge Kingdom, Ottoman Empire dissolved in 1923 at the end of the First World War.

7. Holy Roman

The successor of the Christian Empire of Charlemagne, this oldest empire was a unique institution by not being based on a nation-state.

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8. Mongol

The empire with the largest adjoining geographical area in the history ever to be controlled by a single emperor, the Mongols will remain the most sensationalizing part of one’s History class.

9. Spanish

Marriage of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon led to the unification of their kingdoms into one, giving birth to the Spanish Empire.

There have been many more empires in history, but, mentioned above are the ones that remained the most influential, often thrilling, and the greatest of all times.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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