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Opening-Up In A New Relationship Can Seem Like A Task, Right?

Opening-Up In A New Relationship Can Seem Like A Task, Right?


Naya pyaar, naya khumaar? Then opening-up in a new relationship might be a task in itself.


Entering into a new relationship is like choosing to do something new for yourself; you do not know how it will taste, but you want to try it for sure. To enjoy any relationship fully, one has to go through that agni-pariksha of “opening-up”. Saral bhasha mein bole toh, being vulnerable in a relationship can be important in a way, like, momo with red-chilli sauce, varna swad hi nahi aata.

But here is a question: how to honestly express your emotions in a new relationship? Do not be afraid. Abhi hum zinda hai! We hope that you get to some solution around opening-up in a new relationship:

  1. Talk About Expectations
  • Sheesha, dil aur expectations, jab toot-te hai, toh bada dard hota hai. So, instead, just talk to him/her about them.
  • Expectations should be clear from both sides so that the wavelength of a relationship goes on smoothly.
Talk About Expectations

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  1. Small Chit-chats
  • Do dil, mil rahe hai, magar, chupke-chupke…you can begin revealing your emotions through small conversations and by not jumping to conclusions.
  • A small but consistent communication about feelings would be giving you both more space.
Small Chit-chats

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  1. Be Honest
  • Being honest in a new relationship is like salt in your food, and by that, we meant: a mandatory ingredient.
  • DO-NOT-FAKE-YOUR-EMOTIONS! That will only lead you to a toxic end.
  1. Acknowledging Efforts
  • You should acknowledge the efforts of your partner and even reciprocate them in a new relationship.
  • Appreciate small things and celebrate their small achievements.
Acknowledging Efforts

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  1. Emotional Availability
  • A new relationship needs emotional stability. For that, you need to be emotionally available for each other. Also, only then, your partner would be able to openly express what he/she feels.
  • Emotional stability gives them reassurance about their feelings.
Emotional Availability

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  1. Attention
  • A new relationship is like newly dug seeds inside a planter. You have to nurture it with all your attention, care and love.
  • Nazar hati, dhurghatna ghati! Keep your eyes on your new relationship. This will help your partner to be more expressive.
  1. Reciprocation
  • In a new relationship, you have to reciprocate with the same energy level as your partner.
  • It will provide them with the strength to showcase their love.

To be in love with someone is easy, but to sustain, nurture and make it work is not Bacho Ka Khel. So if you are lucky enough to find that, better keep it because Har kisi ko nahi milta yaha pyaar zindagi mein. Opening-up in a new relationship is thus one of the most essential stages to build a lifelong bond!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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