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Oreo Cookies: Twist, Lick, Dunk & Nom Nom Nom!

Oreo Cookies: Twist, Lick, Dunk & Nom Nom Nom!


Everyone is crazy about Oreo Cookies! But ever thought why and from where it came to the world?

Well, here’s without delay, a visit to history and all about Oreo Cookies:

 1. Oreo is the best-selling Cookie Brand in the United States, introduced on March 6, 1912. Oreo is an American Cookie with two wafers and a sweet cream filling in between.


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 2. These cookies are available in over a hundred countries! They are available in many different flavours, and many limited edition packs are usual nowadays.

Oreo and Milk

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3. The “Oreo Biscuit” was first developed by the National Biscuit Company in 1912 in New York City. The Oreo Biscuit was renamed Oreo Sandwich in 1921. In 1948, the name was changed to Oreo Crème Sandwich, and in 1974 it became the Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie.

4. Nabisco replaced the trans-fat in the Oreo Cookies with non-hydrogenated vegetable oil in January 2006.

5. They were introduced in India by Cadbury India in 2011. The biscuit industry in India is worth around 1.8 billion dollars!


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6. Most of the Oreo Cookies were produced in Hershey’s Factory in Hershey, Pennsylvania. More than 40 billion Oreo Cookies were are annually produced in 18 different countries around the world.

7. The taste of Oreo Cookies has remained unchanged through the years because it’s made using 11 main ingredients: Sugar, enriched flour, palm oil, cocoa, high-fructose corn syrup, leavening agent, corn starch, salt, soy lecithin, vanillin, and chocolate.

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8. There are many varieties of Oreo Cookies available in the market, like, Double stuff oreo, football oreo, big stuff oreo, golden oreo, oreo mini, mega stuff oreo, oreo thins, chocolate oreo, mint oreo, the most stuff, gluten-free.

Do you know, “Oreo” as a metaphor has been used for years as a racial accusation? It is an offensive term used on those with the background of bi-race (Afro-American).

On a better thought: why can’t it be a symbol of “hug” and “oneness,” no matter what one’s identity is?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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