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Ostriches: The Largest Birds With Largest Eggs

Ostriches: The Largest Birds With Largest Eggs


All hail the largest bird of the animal kingdom, Ostrich!

  1. Ostrich is a unique and beautiful bird. It is a native of Africa belongs, to the family Struthionidae and has two species, the Common Ostrich and the Somali Ostrich.

2. Ostrich is a flightless bird, with strong and long legs, which acts as a formidable weapon. It also makes them the tallest bird on the planet.

3. Long legs of Ostrich allow them to run on longer distances covering 31-miles per hour. The wings on their body act as the rudders, helping them to change their direction while running.

4. They are classified as omnivorous birds because they eat plants, seeds, roots, and worms. The most interesting fact about their feeding habit is the presence of three-stomachs.

5. A dozen ostriches live together in a herd. The head of this herd is alpha-male mates with a female, which is the most dominant among all.

6. The ostrich egg is the largest possible egg in the world.

7. The eye of an ostrich is approximately 3cm, making it the largest bird in the animal kingdom.

8. Ostriches are widely nurtured for their beautiful feathers that vary from pink to grey and skin that is used to make leather items.

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9. The recent surveys by the IUCN, have declared them as the least concerned species! Their wild population is declining drastically. Most of the ostriches are found in farms or parks.

Are you aware of some more flightless ratites as Ostriches? We know about Rheas, Emus and Kiwis! If there are more then let us know in comments below!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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