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29 Outfits In India For Those Who Know Fashion Ka Hai Yeh Jalwa!

29 Outfits In India For Those Who Know Fashion Ka Hai Yeh Jalwa!


Outfits in India that you might be missing in your list of fashion outfits. No influencer on Instagram can show the real variations that India offers in its clothing!


So, at Desi ChalChitra, we decided to find 29 unique outfits from 29 different states of India! You’ll get a different look with each one. So, get ready for getting high on fashion with the following 29 Outfits of India that you must try at least once in your life!

  1. Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is known as ‘Kohinoor of India’ for its respectable place in dying and weaving. Women here wear handloom saree or lehenga-voni whereas men simply wear dhoti, lungi and kurta. They believe in simple clothing.

Andhra Pradesh

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  1. Arunachal Pradesh

Clothes in Arunachal Pradesh are vibrant and rich in colour. Women here wear sleeveless chemise along with a long jacket. Men wear sleeveless silk material with a skull-cap made of yak-hair. You’ll look both stylish and elegant along with some bamboo jewellery.

Arunachal Pradesh

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  1. Assam

Clothes in Assam are made of Muga silk. Here men wear dhoti-kurta and women wear mekhela-chador, a traditional dress.


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  1. Bihar

Clothes in Bihar come with an urban touch. Women here wear seedha anchal style saree and men wear dhoti-mirjai, traditionally. With the impacts of urbanization, men have also begun to wear pant-shirts.


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  1. Chhattisgarh 

Clothes in Chhattisgarh have immense diversity in ethnic clothing. Here women wear knee-length saree known as kuchhoro style. Men on the other hand wear cotton-made dhotis and headgears.


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  1. Goa

‘Abba nhi manage yaar’!!

Yes, maybe we are not allowed to go to Goa but we can try their styling. Women in Goa wear a 9-yard Nav-vari saree. Men wear bright coloured shirts along with half-pants.

  1. Gujarat

It is a colourful state, reflected in its attire. Women here wear Chaniya-Choli whereas men wear Chrono and Kediyu.

  1. Haryana

A colourful raw state where women love to wear Damaan, Kurti and Chunder (an ankle-length skirt). Men wear a dhoti (differently styled) and kurta.

  1. Himachal Pradesh

Due to the cold climate, clothes are made out of wool. Women wear Ghagris, kurta or blouse. Men wear kurtas and churidar to keep themselves warm.

  1. Jammu and Kashmir 

A cold and beautiful state where pheran is worn by both men and women, along with salwar or churidar pyjama.

Jammu and Kashmir

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  1. Jharkhand

Simple and elegant clothes are worn here: women wear tussar silk saree while men wear dhoti-kurta along with jackets.

  1. Karnataka 

Known as the silk hub of India, women here wear silk

Saree. Traditional dress for men is lungi and shirt.

  1. Kerala 

Mundum Neriyatham is traditionally worn by women in Kerala. Men wear mundu around their waist along with draping on their shoulders.

  1. Madhya Pradesh

Clothes in Madhya Pradesh are quite comfortable and decent. Women wear lehenga choli with an orni. Men wear dhoti with a bindi.

  1. Maharashtra 

Simplicity is what the traditional clothing of Maharashtra is about. Men wear dhotar (dhoti) with a pheta. Women wear a 9-yard saree also known as Nauvari Saree.

  1. Manipur 

Clothes in Manipur are climate-friendly. Men wear dhoti which is 4m long along with bundi. Women wear Innaphi and Phanek woven in horizontal lines.


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  1. Meghalaya

Women here have a unique dressing style. They wear Dakmanda along with a lot of jewellery. Men wear long coats with a thong.

  1. Mizoram

Females in Mizoram have their favourite dress known as Puran while men drape themselves in 7 feet long 5m wide cloth.

  1. Nagaland

Red is the favourite colour used in all traditional clothes. Men here wear kilts and wrappers. Women go for an apron, skirt and shawl.

  1. Odisha

Clothes in Odisha are now more influenced by urban style. Still, women here wear Sambalpuri saree while men wear dhoti, kurta and gamucha.

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  1. Punjab

A land of joy where women wear salwar-suits. The salwar is sometimes replaced by Punjabi-styled ghagra. Men wear kurta and tehmat in muktsari style.


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  1. Rajasthan

Even due to hot weather, women love to style themselves along with ghagra and kanchali. Men wear dhoti, kurta, angrakha and saafa.


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  1. Sikkim

In Sikkim, women wear ankle-length saree known as Dumdyum. Men love to wear loose trousers along with a kho complemented by beautiful leather boots.

  1. Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, women wear Pavada style saree along with short blouses. Men wear lungi along with a shirt and angvastra.

Tamil Nadu

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  1. Telangana

Telangana is mostly famous for its cotton work. Here, women wear Pochampally and gadwal sari while men prefer to wear dhoti known as Pancha.


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  1. Tripura

Women in Tripura complement their beauty by wearing Rigwnai, whereas men wear Rikutu and Kamchwlwi, taking away the hearts of all.


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  1. Uttar Pradesh

Women in Uttar Pradesh dress in elegant sarees along with gold jewellery. Men love to wear kurta pyjamas that are more comfortable and decent.

  1. Uttarakhand 

A peaceful place with attractive clothing, men here dress in dhoti & lungi along with headgear. Women wear bhotu, agri and ghagra.


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  1. West Bengal

Sweet like mishti-dhoi, women in this state wear red and white saree along with golden borders. Men wear dhoti kurta on special occasions.

So now it’s your turn to create a fusion to look attractive and unique on any occasion, be it a family wedding or any party, just mark your presence with some of the best and traditional outfits in India!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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