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Paan Singh Tomar Is Collision Of Humour, Drama and Tragedy

Paan Singh Tomar Is Collision Of Humour, Drama and Tragedy

Paan Singh Tomar

Inspired by an actual incident, Paan Singh Tomar is directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia, released in 2012. The film depicts two diverse universes colliding with each other: the universe of law and the universe of sports. A country obsessed with crickets and Bollywood, this film tells us the story of a gold medalist turned dacoit.

The Story Of Paan Singh Tomar

  • Tomar is a Subedar in the Indian army who went into athletes because he will get to eat more.
  • He represents the country and turns out victorious in the National Indian Games 7-times in a row.
  • Things turn around when his murdered mother isn’t given the due justice. He takes extreme steps to take revenge.
Paan Singh Tomar

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The Characters

  • The film Paan Singh Tomar rides on the shoulders of a legend, Irrfan Khan. He comes alive as an athlete and dacoit in the movie.
  • He is flawless as a performer. His romantic and comic scenes are also well-executed.

The Direction Of Paan Singh Tomar

  • This film of Dhulia is more than a biopic. He has submerged sports and society as the theme of the film and did full justice on messaging.
  • Dhulia was vocal that he wanted to make the film since the times of Bandit Queen. Considering that this was his Dream Project, there were ignorable flaws as well.
  • One such flaw was, the audience remained uninformed about the absence of his wife and child in the scenes where Tomar change his path.

The Cinematography Of Paan Singh Tomar

  • The frames of this movie is mounted on large scales on Chambal and parts of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Aseem Mishra does a commendable job in the scenes of humour, romance, and at last, the emotional climax scene. Each segment is well toned.

Did You Know

  • The film Paan Singh Tomar has been awarded the National Award for the best feature film for 2012
  • Irrfan did all the scenes of running and steeplechase himself.
Paan Singh Tomar

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Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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