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Pac-Man Is That Man Who’s 41-Years-Old & Still Hot Between Gamers!

Pac-Man Is That Man Who’s 41-Years-Old & Still Hot Between Gamers!

pacman all platform game

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Don’t call yourself a gamer if you haven’t played Pac-Man once in your lifetime! Pac-Man revolves as a genetic gene in everyone’s family. From grandfather to father to son, the addiction of Pac-Man has been taught like addiction of liquor between jolly Punjabi families in India!

Below we have grabbed all the points for you to know why Pac-Man is one of the greatest video games ever made.

  1. What is Pac-Man?

In 1980, Namco launched a Maze arcade game. It was released under the name PuckMan which was later changed to the sensation we now know: Pac-Man. It is an intense game with over 256 levels.


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  1. History of Pac-Man.

Pac-Man was released on 22 May 1980 for Japanese users. Later, in December 1980, it was released for users worldwide.

1980 Japanese game

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  1. Journey of Puck-to-Pac

Most of you are not familiar with this! Pac-Man was released with the name of PuckMan, meaning ‘Chomp’ in Japanese. After the launch of Pac-Man in the United States, Namco changed the name to “Pac-Man”, fearing that vandals would change the P into an F.


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  1. Mechanism of Pac-Man

Everyone plays the character of Pac-Man. The gamer’s task is to eat all the dots inside the maze without being killed by Four ghosts. Gamers have bonus dots called “Power Pellets”, through which ghosts turn blue for a limited time, and Pac-Man has the power to eat them.

Power Pellets eaten game

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  1. How Ghosts works in Pac-Man
  • There are four ghosts in Pac-Man: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde.
  • Each is assigned the task to defeat Pac-Man.
  • Blinky is red and the leader of all ghosts.
  • Pinky is pink and female, who has the power to position herself against Pac-Man.
  • Inky is the cyan ghost. He sometimes chases Pac-Man, something he surrounds Pac-Man with.
  • Clyde is the orange one and the most stupid ghosts of all time.
Pac-Man ghosts

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  1. Points system of Pac-Man

Points are distributed according to different objects

  • Each Pac-Dot 10 points
  • Power Pellets 50 points
  • 1 Ghost killed 200 points.
  • 2 Ghosts kill 400 points.
  • 3 Ghosts kill 800 points.
  • 4 Ghosts kill 1600 points.
  • Bonus fruit has a different points system after eating.
Pac-Dot, pac points

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  1. Is it easy to clear Pac-Man?

Pac-Man is an intense, strategic game. You have to keep your mind fresh and play your moves carefully. With each new level, the game becomes more difficult. Level 256 is the toughest in the Pac-Man. There have been only a few contenders to clear the last level.

  1. Highest score in Pac-Man

Millions of players have tried to clear Pac-Man and set their own records, yet everyone fails. In 1999, William James Mitchell Jr. set the world record of 3,333,360 points without losing any life health!

Highest score in Pac-Man

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  1. Where can we play Pac-Man?

Pac-Man is the only game that is available on all the platforms. It is available for your personal computer, mobile application and even on the browser. On its 30th anniversary, Pac-Man launched a free Doodle for browsers.

pacman all platform game

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It doesn’t matter how old Pac-Man goes–it will always remain in our hearts and memories. It is still the best game ever released on any platform. Let us know if you have Pac-Man and what is your highest score!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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