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Musical History Of Panpipe That You Must Explore!

Musical History Of Panpipe That You Must Explore!


Panpipe, also known as pan flute and syrinx, is a wind musical instrument consisting of cane pipes of different lengths tied together in a row. Let’s explore more about them in the following blog:

1. Many archaeological records testify that the pan flute has been in existence for more than 6000 years. It is one of the oldest musical instruments of the world.

Pan flute

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2. The deity most widely credited with the invention of the panpipe is the pastoral god Pan.

God Pan

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3. Greek panpipes were constructed using 4 to 18 cane tubes which were fastened by cane, flax or wax.

4. This musical instrument is played by holding it in both hands. Then a person blows across the top end of each tube, producing different notes of different lengths.

Musical instrument

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5. The sculpture is depicted in small marble Cycladic statues, clay figurines and also on decorated ceramics.


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6. Representations of Hermes, Pan, Attis, Satyrs and more rarely Eros often show them playing the musical instrument.

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7. In Greek history, panpipe was named after the nymph Syrinx who was the lover of God Pan.


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Do you know, in China, a panpipe was known as paixiao, a bamboo panpipe generally composed of 16 pipes, arranged in a semicircular shape?

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