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Par Blueberry Ice Cream Kiske Dimaag Ki Fitoori Thi?

Par Blueberry Ice Cream Kiske Dimaag Ki Fitoori Thi?



Who invented or came up with the idea of Blueberry Ice Cream is widely unknown. But, “cold or cough hone ke baad bhi jiska swaad aye, usko hamari bhasha me ice-cream kehte hai!” So, we are here with another blog on yet another flavour of ice cream, Blueberry!


1. Beginning with the obvious, blueberry ice cream is made with large and round and sweet and blue Blueberries with a deep blue layer and a powdery white bloom.


2. Late Spring, until the end of the summer, these turn into a delicious treat when warm weather arrives, making them perfect for Blueberry Ice Cream.


3. Like all berries, Blueberries freeze excellently. So if you can’t find a fresh one, use frozen for trying your hand at making a Blueberry Ice Cream.


4. These low-bush berries are famous for growing wild in a cool climate. So, go wild in winters with a sweet after-meal dessert, a tub of blueberry ice cream!


5. Reason to eat Blueberry Ice Cream? Blueberry is a highly nutritious fruit. Also, these are low in fat and packed with Vitamin C, Fibre and Antioxidants. Ice Cream is cold and yum-yum!


6. Ingredients For Blueberry Ice Cream

      4 cups fresh or frozen blueberries

      2 cups sugar

      2 tablespoons water

      4 cups half-and-half cream

Total Time- Prep: 15 min + Chilling Process: 20 min/batch + freezing


7. Top Brands For Blueberry Ice Cream


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Those who love the blue-blue nutritious berries would love to turn them into smoothies, jams, jellies etc. “But blueberry ice cream ki keemat tum kya jaano e dost? Jobless raaton mein luxury feel karne ka way hai blueberry ice cream, tu-tu mai-mai solve karne ke liye tohfa hai ye flavour of ice cream! Aur naa jaane kya kya hai ye ice cream? Angrezi aaye naa aaye, par angrez feel de jo, vo hai blueberry ice cream!”

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