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PC Games: Unleash The Beast Inside The Box!

PC Games: Unleash The Beast Inside The Box!

PC Games

Playing PC Games secretly without letting your parents know and later ending the game with two slipper-headshots from your mother. Well, that’s what young gamers do, right?

Personal Computers and PC Games are going to be one of the biggest industries in upcoming years. Before we get to the future, let’s dig out some past of PC and PC Games.

  1. What are PC Games?
  • PC Games are also known as Personal Computers Games.
  • They are played on your computer devices with the help of hardware and software.
PC Games

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  1. History of PC Games
  • Between the 1950s to 60s, video games designers started testing visual games for mainframe computers.
  • Spacewar! is assigned as the first PC Game developed by Steve Russell in February 1962. It was first released for the DEC PDP-1 computers.
  1. Evolution of PC Games
  • Starting from 1960 with the black screen with 2 white dots: that’s the beginning of PC Games. Back in the 90s, computers didn’t require the specification to run PC Games.
  • In the 21 century, PC Games require high-level graphic cards and processors. The rapid growth of graphics and CPU helped to evolve PC Games.
black screen computers

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  1. Why are PC Games in more demand than Console Gaming?
  • PC Games are getting more popular than Console Games in the current year because of game varieties.
  • Consoles Games have limited game choices where on PC you can play any game. Also, most of the Console Games can be played on PC. That is why the demand for PC games is increasing rapidly.
Computers game vs Console

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  1. Minimum requirements of the computer to run a PC Game
  • Nowadays, most games have high-end equipment to run the game smoothly.
  • Most PC games depend on the CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD and HDD of the computer. The higher the gaming equipment, the smoother it’ll be.
PC Games

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  1. How PCs are dependent on Gaming.
  • In the compact world, everything is shifting to handy and portable gadgets. After the loss of laptops, the PC market went down slightly.
  • The gaming industry has a massive hand in the survival of PC Games. Gaming PCs are used in eSports tournaments in a large number.
esports industry

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  1. eSports of PC Games
  • In the coming years, eSports tournaments are going to be like a festival for eSport Lovers. PC Games made an immense impact on eSports with almost 200+ PC Games in eSports.
  • The total earnings of the PC games tournament in 2020 was $116,319,075.
  1. Use of PC in eSports
  • Tournaments like PUBG PC, Dota2, League of legends, Fortnight, Valorant and many other professional eSports Games are played on PC and not on laptops.
  • PC allows you to upgrade your hardware & PC has better display and graphics compared to a laptop. PC provides equal performance to every gamer in the eSports Tournament.
  1. How to Download PC Games
  • Android and iOS have their own app stores, as PCs have their gaming stores.
  • Games can be downloaded from the game’s official websites or through Steam. Steam is a Digital Video Game Distributor where you can sign in and download available games or purchase the game.
steam, PC Games

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Also, bas karo yaar…take permission from your parents to play PC Games in your free time. As technology evolves, companies develop games with new features, and we get the opportunity to explore more games!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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