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Peace Lilies Are Here To Enhance Your Rooms With Simplicity

Peace Lilies Are Here To Enhance Your Rooms With Simplicity

Kali Sharma
Peace Lilies

An indoor plant, Peace Lilies are a plant with several long leaves and a beautiful leafy-flower.

Know more about this plant in the points below.

1. Some species of Spathiphyllum are known as Peace Lilies. Also called as Spath, this indoor plant is a genus of monocotyledonous (grass-like plant, with one embryonic leaf inside its seed) flowering plants.

Peace Lilies

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2. These plants are native of American Tropical Regions and the Asian States of South-East.

peace lily

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3. These plants are evergreen perennial. The leaves of Peace Lilies are big, 12cm to 65cm in length and 3cm to 25cm broad.

4. The flower is surrounded with 10cm to 30cm long spathes of white, yellow or green shades.

spathe flower

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5. As an indoor plant, it does not need a lot of water or light to live. You can water it weekly or whenever you see its soil moist.

Peace Lilies

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6. Planting Spathiphyllum has also shown to remove certain harmful gases from its surroundings. But, studies have shown that the impact was minute in practical terms.

7. It is important to note that Peace Lily is not similar to True Lilies, coming from the family of Liliaceae. Lily is highly poisonous to domestic animals like dogs & cats, which can cause Kidney failure.

8. When consumed, Peace Lily is comparatively mildly toxic. Nonetheless, consumption of Peace Lily can lead to skin irritation, burns and nausea. 

9. Peace Lilies are known as oxygen-herbs, evergreen and they can last forever. They are visually aesthetic, with their single big white-leaf and spadix (spike covered with tiny flowers around the fleshy stem).

Peace Lilies

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Peace Lilies are all you need to decorate your rooms and office-desk with as they enhance any indoor-space with simplicity.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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