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Say Hi To Peafowl, Birds That Love Rains

Say Hi To Peafowl, Birds That Love Rains


Colloquially known as Peacocks, Peafowl is a name given to Pavo, Afropavo, Pheasants and its allies (bird species).

  1. The zoological nomenclature gave another name to the Fowl, peafowl. It is also a common name for birds in the Phasianidae family.

2. The female peafowl is called the peahen. The male peafowl is called the peacock.

3. This ecstatically beautiful bird is loved by all, and the one we are familiar with is the Indian peafowl (Pavo cristatus).

4. These are omnivorous birds with a large feathery tail, mostly blue-green. Some may even have genetic colour mutations in them.

5. The most fascinating peafowl is the albino that is a rare and beautiful species with white plumage. It’s because they are affected by leucism, a genetic condition in which the pigment cells fail to migrate during development.

6. The male peafowl likes to give poses as it has flashy and bright feathers, which it opens wide to attract the peahens for mating.

7. Vocalization is another way, the peacock tries to attract the peahen.

8. The Indian peafowl, as the name suggests, is the national bird of India. It has various religious and sentimental values associated with it.

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9. The IUCN has declared this bird as the least concerned species, and it is widely found in zoological parks and various bird sanctuaries.

Do you know, Peacocks are often seen as the symbols of pride and vanity? Highly significant in the Indian cultures and religions, Indians were given the label of National Birds in 1963.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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