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Pen With No Pain Is A Way To Kill ’em With Kindness!

Pen With No Pain Is A Way To Kill ’em With Kindness!



A Pen is a Sword that can be used to fight anything at all. Like your talent, a pen can be underrated in a world driven by social media. No matter how small it is, it empowers a person to express themselves. It can bring down authorities if you would use it correctly. Now you know kids that there is more to this thing than just pen-fight. Know some more fun facts about pens in this blog, from their history to swag!



1. Pens witnessed the history of 3000 BC, but in the form of feathers, reed pens, bamboo sticks–seems fascinating, right? Kalam ke saath no mazak. The first fountain pen was invented by Petrache Poenaru in 1827 and the ballpoint by Laszlo and Gyorgy Biro in 1943.



2. There is also one date more important than your birthday, that is, June 10, celebrated as Ballpoint Pen Day.



3. Ballpoint Pens were used in World War II by the Airforce pilots due to their resistance in high altitudes. But what they were writing at such height, maybe doodling the clouds to lighten their mood amidst war.



4. To your surprise, nibs of some pens are made out of gold, which changes its shape according to your writing pattern as it is a soft metal, bade logon ke shauk.



5. A pen of 18 ft 0.53 long can make your mouth open wide. It is the largest ballpoint pen invented by Acharya Makunuri Srinivasa, proud to be Indian.



6. Human race wants to write everywhere, so Paul C Fisher invented an anti-gravity pen for space, go write about the universe. So I guess jadoo is sending letters to Rohit written by that pen only.



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7. Pen is quite dangerous! There are so many deaths reported due to the swelling of their caps. So, now caps are manufactured with a hole in them for a scope of breathing. Bring that cap out of your mouth!



8. Talking about the largest, now focus on the smallest: Nanofountain Probe is the smallest pen. It is used by scientists for nanopatterning. Still, it is not smaller than some patriarch’s thinking capacity.



9. The most expensive pen in the world is the Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen, worth $1.4 million. It is crafted out of platinum, diamonds, and the nib is made of gold, beautiful like Aishwarya Rai. But always remember your ideas are much more precious than that pen.



So, can you please leave your keypad and pick up your best pen to pour your heart straight out on paper! Believe me, it is worth your time and can impress your loved one as handwritten messages vibe differently. Just scribble it down with all your heart.

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