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Physics: Subject That Drives Us To Question The Structure Of ‘Reality’ In Terms Of Maths

Physics: Subject That Drives Us To Question The Structure Of ‘Reality’ In Terms Of Maths


‘Why?’ is the one question that has answered the most brain-draining questions a physics student has ever had!

  • “Why is the Earth not the centre of the Universe?”
  • “Why is it impossible to fill a circle with triangles?”
  • “Why did she leave me to marry him?”

While science may not answer the last question, it does have answers to the previous two questions–and all similar questions–that question the structure of Reality as we know it. This branch of science is

 known as Physics, and it has answers to almost every question you have.

1. Physics is the science that deals with the structure of matter and the interactions between individual entities that make up the universe. Physikos, as the Greeks called it, concerns itself with all aspects of nature, both on a macroscopic and microscopic level.

Physics, Prism

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2. Its scope of the study is not limited to observing objects under natural forces. It also includes studies of those natural forces themselves – nuclear forces, gravitational forces and electromagnetic forces.

uclear forces, Physics formula

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3. The main goal of Physics is to formulate a few principles that can bring together and explain all types of natural phenomena.

natural phenomena.

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4. In the olden days, physics included studying everything that could be perceived under physical sciences. However, modern education limits the scope of physics to only those subjects which are not studied under astronomy, chemistry, geology and engineering.

Black hole, Eclipse

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5. However, physics plays a crucial role in natural sciences. Those fields mentioned above also have branches in physical sciences where more emphasis is laid on physics (astrophysics, geophysics etc.)


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6. In simple words, physics can be defined as the “science of matter, motion, and energy.” It is a field of study in which laws and principles are explained in the language of mathematics.

Physics Wallpaper

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  1. This is a field of study where experimentation and theory play complementary roles. Essential to its study are:
  • “Observation of phenomena under precisely controlled environment” and
  • “formulation of a unified conceptual framework”.

8. Results are obtained via experimentation, which is then compared with the ones predicted via theory. A theory that reliably predicts a result is known as a law of physics.


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9. The ultimate aim of physics is “to find a unified set of laws governing matter, motion, and energy at small (microscopic) subatomic distances, at the human (macroscopic) scale of everyday life, and out to the largest distances (e.g. those on the extragalactic scale)”.

small (microscopic) subatomic distances

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This goal has been realized to a remarkable extent. Although it is yet to be achieved (the possibility lies that it will never be), a small set of laws appear to be able to account for all the natural phenomena known to man. Physics is a field of study to which many-a-person have dedicated their whole lives to. Isaac Newton, for instance, is a man who wasn’t anything obvious like a king but is a name that everyone has heard of, a name that will remain famous till the end of time. He is rightly dubbed “father of physics”.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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