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Chronicle Of Pizza’s: An Info-burst For Foodie Geniuses!

Chronicle Of Pizza’s: An Info-burst For Foodie Geniuses!


Because “Pizza! We like Pizza!” (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)

Talk about emotions, and Pizza’s is undoubtedly one of the most healing doses ever made! From most adorable patch-ups to most incurable break-ups, Pizza is always there to pamper your tears. From flatbreads to cheese-bursts, read below the chronicle of Pizza towards becoming one of the most-craved junk food in the world.

1. The Pizza’s formerly comes from Naples, Italy (in the 1600s). But the word, Pizza, is derived from the Greek word, p─ôktos (solid or clotted).

Origin of Pizza

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2. Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks consumed flatbreads with toppings (oils, herbs and cheese). The flatbread Pizza with the use of tomato as a topping was the first Pizza innovation ever.

3. It was usual for the poor around Naples to add tomato in yeast-based flatbread, and the Pizza’s were created. Later, toppings such as herbs and meats were added over generations turning diverse meals into one (time-saving and affordable).

4. It is difficult to say for sure who made the first Pizza. But it is believed that baker Raffaele Esposito of Naples made the first modern Pizza.

5. There are many famous pizzerias in Naples which serve traditional and authentic Pizzas. These include: Da Michele, Trianon, Di Matteo, Sorbillo, Port’Alba, Brandi, and Umberto. They follow even stricter rules than standardised ones.

6. The first documented United States Pizzerias, G. (for Gennaro) Lombardi’s on Spring Street, Manhattan, is still running. Though no longer at their 1905 address, they still bake in the same old oven.

Lombardi's on Spring Street

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7. Interestingly, Margherita Pizza gets its name from Queen Margherita. In 1889, Queen Margherita visited Italy as a newly unified nation. She asked for varieties of Pizza to try. Raffaele Esposito, a baker from Da Pietro Pizzeria (now, Pizzeria Brandi) made a pizza with red tomato sauce, white mozzarella and green basil (items share the colours as the Italian flag) and Voila! Margherita Pizza was invented.

8. The dish was sweet, not savoury; earlier savoury versions resembled flatbread. Classic early-20th century cookbook by Pellegrino Artusi gives three sweet pizza recipes. After the feedback of some readers, Artusi added a typed sheet in the 1911 edition of Savoury Pizza.

9. A widely popular pizza fact comes after WWII. Italian immigrants brought Pizza to Spain, France, England, and the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

10. The first Pizza Hut (a chain of Pizza Restaurants) arrived in the United States during the 1930s. Now, several types of Pizzas exist globally, along with several dish variants based on Pizza.

11. Pizzas entered the Indian food market in the 1980s. For most Indians, it was only a bread base coated with tomato ketchup and prepared cheese.

Although we are not boasters of junk and videshi food items, Pizza is a great way to feel satisfied on cheat days! It is the shallow bit of our personalities. This part of ours desires to consume something tasty, good-looking, and the best thing–it fits the bill.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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