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Places To Visit In Gujarat, The Cultural Seat Of North India

Places To Visit In Gujarat, The Cultural Seat Of North India



Places to visit in Gujarat are so many that it is like an all-in-one package destination for travellers. From the history of Lothal to colonially rich Rajkot or from Ahmedabad’s modernness to the ancientness of Dwarka!

In fact, it’s got so much that it is impossible to cover all the places in a single trip. Read on below to know more about some iconic places to visit in Gujarat if you are planning a trip to the cultural seat of North India.

1. Ahmedabad

Also known as the “Manchester of India’, Ahmedabad is the essence of Gujarat. Perfect for the quick weekend getaway, the city offers several sanctuaries, national parks and lake rides with beautiful sunsets. The magnificent architecture is also something to behold.

2. Surat

Also known as the “Diamond City”, Surat has a lot to offer to travellers who wish to escape the noise of the modern world. From vast salt expanses and forests to historically illustrious temples, Surat has got something for everyone. The lovely beaches around the city are a delight to visit at any time of the year.

3. Silvassa

A former Portuguese colony, Silvassa is now a popular tourist spot. It has several wildlife sanctuaries and eye-pleasing destinations. It is a small city that lies between Maharashtra and Gujarat. Full of Roman Catholic churches from times of Portuguese occupation, Silvassa is a hidden treasure of Gujarat.

4. Vadodara

With a glorious past and rich culture, Vadodara is a city known for its magnificent palaces. Amid notable places to visit in Gujarat, it is packed with exciting things to do. From exploring nature to experiencing the beautiful architecture, Vadodara has got it all.

5. Kutch

Kutch is those places to visit in Gujarat that has to be mentioned in recommendations by every travel-lover. Lying on the India-Pakistan border, this place is known for its delicious cuisine. It is so good that it will make it difficult for you to leave Kutch. You can even see parts of Pakistan from Kutch.

6. Bhuj

One of the most culturally rich places to visit in Gujarat, Bhuj was founded by Rao Hamir in 1510. This small city is located in the Kutch and was once the capital of the region. One of the tourist capitals of Gujarat, today it functions as a point of commercial and trade significance.

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7. Rajkot

This huge metropolitan city is also amid the “not-to-miss” places to visit in Gujarat. It is a significant stronghold of the Indian freedom struggle. Today, the city has many attractions and facilities to provide tourists with the best experience.

8. Gandhinagar

Named after the Father of Modern India, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Gandhinagar offers the calm and serenity that have become as rare as a unicorn these days. The place is situated on the west coast of the Sabarmati river.

9. Dwarka

Located in the Devbhoomi of Gujarat, Dwarka is one of the most religiously rich places to visit in Gujarat and India. The temples of Dwarka attract pilgrims from all across the country. The city is the place of the ancient Dwarka Kingdom, related to Lord Krishna.

That concludes the list of the iconic places to visit in Gujarat. So, when are you planning your trip? Because Gujarat is always there, waiting to welcome its guests. But where are you?

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