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Because Playing With Balls Is Good For Babies

Because Playing With Balls Is Good For Babies


Playing with balls is a necessary activity for babies because of their shape and responsive touch. It makes the babies happy.

Toh phir chalo, aaj phir bachpan ki yaadein taza kari jaaye, along with expanding our knowledge around the balls for playtime for children.

  1. Introduce balls to your kid as soon as possible. It helps to strengthen your baby’s muscles, motor skills, physical literacy and confidence of your child.

2. Balls are inexpensive, colourful and fun! For a child, rolling a ball back and forth helps in building strong social bonds. This also introduces them to the concept of cause and effect.

3. Invention Of Balls: Can you imagine that by 1600BC, the first rubber ball was invented by the ancient Mesoamericans! It was made from the LATEX that comes from the rubber tree. The latex is turned into rubber as it is combined with morning glory.

4. Balls Help In Increasing The Skills Of Children: Playing with balls includes physical activity, and it includes throwing, catching, rolling and kicking the ball. How do these activities help? Let’s know below:

  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Learns new tricks and everything about shape and size
  • Improves motor skills
  • Gains Muscles strength
  • Improves fitness
  1. Best Play-Balls For Different Age Groups:

Under 3 years

  • Big size plastic balls (so babies could not swallow them)
  • Textured and colourful balls.
  • Soft or handmade silk/cotton balls
  • Balls with bells in them (improves sound sense)
  • Sensory baby balls

Between 5 to 6 

  • Soccer balls and net to play in backwards
  • Plastic bat and balls
  • Basketballs with the hoop
  • Footballs
  • Tennis balls
  • Beach balls and balloons

Between 7 to 10

See Also

  • Badminton
  • Basketballs
  • Table Tennis
  • Cricket-Kit
  • Mini Golf Set

Nowadays, every parent desires the latest technology and high-tech gadgets for their children. Well, no parent should ever underestimate the power of introducing and playing with balls!

Get up, Stash! Get ready to fill your wardrobe with crazy balls and toys for your children!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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