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Apocynum cannabinoid: A Poisonous Plant, That’s More Than Just Zeher!

Apocynum cannabinoid: A Poisonous Plant, That’s More Than Just Zeher!

Poisonous plant

Apocynum cannabinoid is a commonly seen poisonous plant that lends medical support as well. A hard to believe fact–but true!

“Zeher Hai Ki Poisonous Hai Tera Plant!” Well, to know more about what it is called and how in the world can this plant be harmful yet so advantageous, continue reading:

  1. Toh Aapka Naam Kya Hai Poisonous Plant?

Apocynum cannabinoid is a perennial herbaceous. This poisonous plants are also known as Dogbane, Amy Root, Wild Cotton.

Poisonous plant
  1. Kaha Paya Jata Hai Poisonous Plant?

This plant can be easily found in North America. It is usually grown in areas where sandy soil and moisture is present.

  1. Toh Poisonous Plants, Badhiya Sa Fact Batao Apne Baare Mein Kuch

Apocynum‘ in Apocynum cannabinoid stands for a plant that is poisonous to dogs.

  1. Oye Poisonous Plant, Darane Ko Nahi Bola Tha!

Okay. Another fact: these plants are Hermaphrodite (have both the organs of male and female). Moths and butterflies are responsible for pollination.

Poisonous Plants facts

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  1. Poisonous Plants, Apne Baap Ko Mat Sikhao!

But still–do you know if the latex is squeezed from Apocynum cannabinoid, it can be your Boom Boom Boomer? In other words, it can be used as chewing gum.

  1. Waah! Poisonous Plants, Waise Tum Toxic Ho Ki Faydemand?

Other than being chewed as gum, this poisonous plant is used for treating fever and dysentery. The fresh root of the plant is a more valuable and active part of the plant.

Toxic plants

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  1. Ae Boss, Ab Apun Thorda Confuse Ho Gaya Hai…

Apocynum cannabinum was initially employed by the tribes of North America. They used this poisonous plants to treat diseases like cough, pox, asthma etc.

  1. Ye Poisonous Plant Itna Bhi Poisonous Nahi Hai Na?

The plant is also used to increase milk flow in pregnant and lactating mothers.

Poisonous Plants

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  1. Par Hai Toh Poisnous Plant Hi Na: Savdhaan Rahe, Satark Rahe!

Although Apocynum cannabinoid is still used in herbalism, professional supervision must be taken if used internally or in any other way.

Such is the nature of this poisonous plants–baffling!

We’ve been wondering if you want to use this plant for treating your next fever or paracetamol is fine?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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