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Pressure Flaking: Stone making technique

Pressure Flaking: Stone making technique


Over the years, a lot of new techniques have emerged for making stone tools. Old is indeed gold, though, right? One technique that dates back to over 20000 years is Pressure flaking, ab isme pressure cooker ki Tarah seeti Nahi bajti. This technique is somewhat different and requires applying pressure. Let’s find out more about it.

  1. It consists of applying pressure through a pointed stick or bone near the edge of a flake or a blade.

  2. Pressure flaking was traditionally known as a technique to finish tools.

  3. In this technique, the core stone rests on a firm surface. Then the stone used as a hammer is placed on a bone resting on the core stone to remove flakes from the core stone.

  4. Pressure flaking provides a more effective means of controlling the direction and quantity of the applied force.

  5. The use of pressure flaking began the early production of sharper and more finely detailed tools.

  6. A flaker used for pressure flaking can be made from soft materials, such as antler, bone, wood, or copper, that are compressed with force to form flakes.

  7. This technique is carried out by applying pressure and not by hammering.

  8. Using this process, thin and small waste chips, called fish scales, can be removed for finishing the tools.

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Along with Pressure flaking, other techniques were used to make stone tools many years ago. Were you aware of this technique? Let us know in the comments if you think that this technique is effective or any other one you might be familiar with. 

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