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What Is A Printer? A Tech Which Left Its Mark On The World!

What Is A Printer? A Tech Which Left Its Mark On The World!


Owning a printer is nothing less than a blessing in today’s modern life. Like, just imagine printing anything–from your office document or your school/college project to professional art samples! You can print them all with a printer.


Being such a necessary technology in today’s modern world, it deserves a better insight and introduction. So, what is a printer?

1. A printer is a peripheral device or an output device that prints paper documents. Printed material can include images, text or a combination of both.


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2. Charles Babbage designed the first printer, a mechanically driven apparatus for his different engine in the 19th century. EP-101 was the first electronic printer invented by Epson, a Japanese company, in 1968.

3. Modern Print Technology consists of Laser printers and Inkjet printers.

Modern Print Technology

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4. A laser printer is known for producing high-quality text and graphics. As with multifunction printers and digital photocopiers, laser printers equip a xerographic printing process.

5. An Inkjet printer sprays ink onto the paper. A usual ink printers can produce a copy with a resolution of about 300 dots per inch. Inkjet printers are cheaper than laser printers.

6. Most printers used at homes and offices print at speeds between 15 and 30 sheets per minute.

7. From 2010 there was an intense interest in 3D printing. It allowed the creation of physical objects with minimal effort.

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8. A 3D printer makes three-dimensional objects from a 3D model or other electronic information and data source. It uses an additive process in which successive layers of material ( plastics, food, metal, cement, wood, and other materials) are laid under computer control.

3D Printer

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9. More than half of the total printers sold at the U.S retail in 2010 were wireless printers. Even after this advancement in technology, nearly three-quarters of consumers who had access to those printers were not taking advantage of the enhanced accessibility to the printer.

Wireless printers

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The best part about owning a printer is the feel of that warm, freshly printed paper that just came out of the machine. Also, you do not need to go to the print shops every single time, be it your mark sheets or birthday card for your crush!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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