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Ese Problem-solving Games Jo Dimag Ki Batti Jalade!

Ese Problem-solving Games Jo Dimag Ki Batti Jalade!


What if we tell a series of problem-solving games that will increase your IQ as well as make judicial use of your travelling time? At last, we all must be in a stance that they would think playing games is a waste of time. They would want to increase their Intelligence Quotient instead!

What ‘say then? Should we seal the deal?

  1. Cue Math – 
  • Cuemath application is a free learning application for youngsters of Kindergarten to class 10.
  •  It offers mind preparation and different apparatuses for youngsters (online classes, mentors, math games etc.) to fabricate critical thinking abilities, raising their IQ.
  • Where to play – Playstore, IOS 
  • Rating – 4.5
  • Developer – Cuemath

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  1. Sudoku – 
  • We all have had memories of this one. There can never be a game more promising than this one when it comes to scoring at problem-solving!
  • It stimulates your mind, improves your memory and most importantly, reduces chances of catching Alzheimer!
  • Where to play – Playstore, IOS 
  • Rating – 4.6
  • Developer – Easybrains 

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  1. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes –
  • You are distant from everyone else in a room with a bomb. 
  • Your companions, the “Specialists,” have the manual expected to stop it. Yet, there is a trick: the Experts cannot see the bomb, so everybody should work it out – quick!
  • Where to play – Playstore, IOS (Paid) 
  • Rating – 4.7
  • Developer – Steel crate Games
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  1. Skillz- 
  • Need to test your memory abilities or give your cerebrum an activity? Attempt this pleasant problem-solving to improve your memory, speed and improve exactness about patterns and tones.
  • It is a playful coherent game that gives a decent test to your cerebrum.
  • Where to play – Playstore, IOS 
  • Rating – 4.3
  • Developer – App holdings 
  1. Logic master – 
  • Searching for a game that is splendid, inventive and abnormal simultaneously? 
  • Presently you can turn into an engineer by tackling the most surprising and precarious inquiries you have at any point seen! 
  • The riddle contains interesting analyses that enlist memory use, consideration and the capacity to think eccentrically.
  • Where to play – Playstore, IOS 
  • Rating – 4.3 
  • Developer – Weezbeez 
Logic master

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  1. Mr Detective
  • As a kid, each one dreams about turning into a detective and settling investigator games.
  • This problem-solving game is particularly a challenge to test your riddle settling abilities. You can try it right away to test your IQ by tackling different questions.
  • Where to play – Playstore, IOS 
  • Rating – 4.5
  • Developer – Mind your Logic 
Mr Detective

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  1. Brain It On – 
  • Make shapes to finalize science puzzles. These are not as simple as they look. Care to check one out? 
  • Dozens of mind trapping physical science puzzles.
  •  Compete with your companions for the Brain It On! 
  • Where to play – Playstore, IOS 
  • Rating – 4.3
  • Developer – Orbit nine games
Brain It On
  1. Lumosity 
  • Lumosity is an intellect preparing program. It is a fun and intuitive approach to prepare your cerebral
  •  Find out about how your psyche functions.
  • Where to play – Playstore, IOS 
  • Rating – 4.4
  • Developer – Lumos lab.Inc
  1. Brain Test – Tricky Puzzle
  • If by chance you are a devotee of word games, sudoku puzzles, enigma games etc., Brain Test-Tricky Puzzle can be your most ideal decision! A lot more interesting than other test games.
  • Where to play – Playstore, IOS
  • Rating – 4.6
  • Developer – Unico Puzzles
Brain Test - Tricky Puzzle

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“Kyu? Hila dala na!”

So, get started with Problem-solving to be a real-time problem-solver!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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