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PSA: Myths About Video Games Are Being Addressed Here

PSA: Myths About Video Games Are Being Addressed Here



Let’s talk about myths about video games, probably one most misunderstood form of entertainment.


Gamers may sometimes give an impression that they’re always glued to the screen. Moreover, gaming seems a pretty pointless thing to do for people who tend to remain in the gone days. Rest assured, it’s not all that bad as people make it out to be. It’s time to address some of the myths about video games.


Dear Boomers, this is for you!


1. Video games make us more violent: Seeing someone play an action-shooter can be a bit unsettling. However, gaming does not make the gamer violent. Forensic analyses call such assumptions baseless. Boy, that guy might be the kindest person on Earth, alright?


2. Video games are addictive: A few years back, the World Health Organisation (WHO) included “gaming disorder” in its list of International Classification of Diseases. This sparked furious debates. The research has since then shown that seemingly severe “gaming addiction” is short-lived in reality. It is similar to what happens when you’ve immersed in a storybook: the obsession with “what happens next” reigns. In fact, gaming addiction is better than social media addiction.


3. Video games lead to social isolation. Ask someone to describe a gamer, and they’ll probably narrate to you an individual cooped up in the darkness of the room, away from the humdrum of society. That is not entirely true. Video games are like social simulations. That means you’re not devoid of social interaction. Nonetheless, having real-time social interaction “once-in-a-while” won’t hurt. Take care of your body and talk!


4. Video games are a waste of time. Tell someone you like to play video games in your free time. “Can’t you do something better during that time?” is what they’ll reply with. If I may be so bold, sometimes playing video games is better than reading a book. Reading may make you sad, but playing a video game can make you feel guilty about your actions. But, the habit of both can seriously develop your personality to another level.


5. There’s nothing constructive about video games. Sure, video games ARE a source of entertainment. But modern games are no longer merely games. Almost every game today has incorporated puzzles in its gameplay, solving which is necessary for progression. These puzzles have been shown to boost IQ. Game’s On!


6. Video games are only for children. Video games were originally meant for the entertainment of children. However, that generation has gotten old now, and to no one’s surprise, it continues to play into adulthood. Statistics report that the video game market has become “older”. Today, more adults play video games than children. At last, we all are kids trapped in adult bodies.

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7. Girls do not play video games. Previously, the video game market was predominantly male (patriarchy, I tell ya’). However, that is not the case today. Over the last decade, more and more women have started playing video games. In some web-based games, female players outnumber the number of male players. Way to rule, ladies!


8. Video games are desensitizing. Studies show that apes can distinguish between play-fighting and actual combat. Similarly, humans can easily distinguish between video games and reality. Doing rough stuff in a violent game is not entirely “bad”. It is, after all, within the bounds of the game. Thank God for virtual video games!


9. Video games are not a meaningful form of expression. Fortunately, this is one of the other myths about video games. If one thinks, games are the only medium that allows us to experience emotions and experience guilt over the actions of fictional characters. Play God of War once, and you’ll see what I mean.


Video games have been demonized unnecessarily. A massive gap exists between what people perceive video games to be and what studies tell us about them. We sincerely hope reading this brought that gap to a close.

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