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Questions To Ask From Crush: “Mere Sawalon Ka Jawab Do!”

Questions To Ask From Crush: “Mere Sawalon Ka Jawab Do!”


God, crushes! “What questions to ask from crush?” Well! Come on! First will surely be–why do you always give us those anxiety driven butterflies?



Whenever we see our crushes, that song hits us hard: “chupana bhi nahi aata, batana bhi nahi aata, hume tumse mohabbat hai, jatana bhi nahi aata.”



So, a golden opportunity is not meant to be slipped away from your hands. So if you got a chance to go on a date with your crush or have a conversation, dare you if you mess it up with your “aur batao” questions! Make it interesting.



Here are a few questions to ask from a crush that might keep you on a roll. Check out these points with even more focus than you checkout your crush.



1. Basic always work

Asking too many questions from a crush can simply cut your chances for any further growth. Just keep it cool and begin with basic questions with a tint of humour. Ask about their life, hobbies, interests and favourite food.



2. Any turn-offs?

Turn on naa sahi, but at least do not turn them off! It is better to play it safe and make conversations about their likes/dislikes. You can ask your crush about what really pisses them off. This way, you will know about the future safety rules: bilkul rikas nahi lene ka re baba!



3. Celebrity crush can work

Go ask your crush about their celebrity crush. Here you will know what movies, songs, sports and other things they like. You can bring out more questions from it for making a flowing conversation: ab jaan ne ke liye ye saari baatein toh karni hi padegi na.



4. Dil ka rasta pet se…!

Sirf pyaar se paet nhi bharta saheb! Ask your crush about what they love to eat, and then tell them the best places to try that food. In this way you can catch up with them later: aakhir khana hi toh bahana hai! Crush ko jo patana hai. Even their food preferences can help you to explore more about their choices and taste.



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5. Ghumenge firenge aur kya?

If you want to keep up with the conversation, ask your crush about their most favourite places. They will surely come up with a list of so many names! If your crush is too crushing on you, you guys will eventually share your opinions and views. Well!–not criticisms–okay? “Too soon hojayega!”



6. Family talks

Now you should take some liberty and go ahead with little personal ones. Ask your crush about their favourite people, if they have pets or if they love animals. Rishta banana hai toh rishtedari bhi banani padegi!



7. Pet peeves

Something you should know about your crush is what they love/dislike. This way, you’ll avoid doing things that can ruin possible chances of your future date. It will help you in making a perspective of their personality.



Don’t be that annoying one asking “KKRH,” on texts or even one-on-one. Put some masala in your fries like conversations and make it peri-peri fries, tangy, spicy and attractive! Kya pata vo crush, crush nahi, jeevan-saathi ban jaaye?

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