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Questions To Ask Him On A First Date: Pehli Mulakaat Bina Sexist Comments Ke Saath!

Questions To Ask Him On A First Date: Pehli Mulakaat Bina Sexist Comments Ke Saath!



Here we’re gonna give you some real OG questions to ask him on a first date to make it a hit one. As we all know, it is like “ek aag ka dariya hein aur taer ke jana hai…” as it is the outcome of all your efforts and struggles you have faced in fixing a date for yourself. Ab itni struggle kiye hai toh date badiyaa hona mangta!



To make your first date a step to the second one, begin with a lessening misogynist approach and keep the following questions to ask him on a first date. Embrace your curiosity! Be expressive but without making it annoying or awkward for both of you. But kaise?


Roll in!



1. “Hey, That Is Cute!”

      Before thinking about questions to ask him on a first date, why not begin with a cute compliment? Everyone loves to hear an honest compliment, so give one to him whenever you feel it. It builds up their confidence and makes them feel more comfortable to express.

      So, do not resist yourself from giving an honest compliment, be it about their fragrance, hair, or literally anything that you find attractive in them.



2. “Waise, Mai Hi Kyu?”

      Always remember that it is not an interview. Asking about the salary of someone is not always the best idea, even in the long term! Ask them why they chose you for this date, and here we go–cosy space for further conversation is set.

      Also, this will help you know their reasons for being on a date with you. Hence there will be more clarity between you two, but avoid asking to explain more, more, and more…viva thodi chal raha hai! ab tum itni bhi kuch khaas nahi naa bolde–fir tumhe ye bhi baat lag jayegi.



3. “Aakhir Kya Hai Ye Pyaar!”

      We understand you want to discover all his history but take a deep sigh. Begin by asking about their idea of love. It will help you to let you know about their past relationships like what they prefer…whether a long-term relationship, casual dating or maybe friends with benefits.? Know him!

      Their idea of love might not necessarily match yours, but it should not be problematic too. Instead, you tell yours if he is getting along.



4. “Talk About The Stars…”

      Be it anyone–humans do feel awkward, uncomfortable and even offended if being triggered at sexuality, monetary details and sexual relationships. On your way through the questions to ask him on the first date, avoid such topics.

      Try and keep these heavyweight conversations for other dates. The first date is about the energy and positivity that the two people radiate.



5. “Damn!! Tumhe Bhi…!!”

      It is quite mandatory to know what they prefer to do in their spare time. It will help you to understand the personality and preferences of your date. But avoid comparing it with your interests. Again…just know about each other!

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      Remember, it is all about individuality. Just adoring someone while s/he talks about passions–that experience is wholesome–bolte raho yaar…bs…sunn rahi hu.



6. “It’s Okay! Happens…”

      They might be feeling nervous or conscious about the conversation and even messed up a little while talking. Take it as your responsibility to make things comfy rather than satisfying yourself with quick questions to ask him on a first date.

      This gesture will even make them fall for you sure, and then there will be no need for you to ask for a second as they will ask you out for sure. It is a master move–note this down, queen.



7. “…Only In Their Dreams Man Can Be Truly Free .”

      Every person has their own way of escaping reality, be it to booze, dance, smoke, read books, biking or travelling. It is about extracting out those moments of sukoon from an ever-bustling life.

      This question will reveal their core interests of and also their views about the way of living life. But avoid criticising them on their choices. If you do not like it, better be quiet about it. As mentioned before, leave it for future dates if it is becoming a hindrance to your bond.



So my girl, now you are ready to meet your cutie. Make it successful to the second date! We want a khushkhabri only. Just keep it in your way instead of getting too professional with these questions to ask him on a first date.


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