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Questions To Ask On A First Date And Experiencing That Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumar

Questions To Ask On A First Date And Experiencing That Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumar



And so finally, a big step, and wandering about questions to ask on a first date. No worries, we are here to give the ultimate solution. The first date is no less than a dasvi ka board exam: that excitement, fear and result of your efforts. It is the most relevant situation one can go through: “mere ko toh aisa dhak-dhak horela hai na!”



But if you really want to succeed, you have to be confident about yourself. Also, keep that smile on your face! Further details are down below, “Boss, neeche toh dekho,”



1. Ice breakers: “aane main koi dikkat toh nahi hui?”

Make them comfortable by adding some humour for your initial questions to ask from a first date. You can ask for a short walk. Also, if you are sitting in a cafe, you can ask about the ambience, music and order. Momos can make your conversation spicy and lively.



2. Favourite places: “kin raston ka pata dil se hoke jata hai?”

This can be considered as the best thing to ask. Places related questions to ask on a first date helps in exploring interests: “vo girna, bhaagna, udna aakhir kaha jana chahte hai” is crucial to know. The places they are interested in reflects their personality as well. So, ask them out about places they love and make plans accordingly, better plans for the second time.



3. Likes and dislikes: “kabhi haan, kabhi naa.”

You should have a khatta-meetha experience on your date and ask about their likes-dislikes. There may be some differences in your likes and dislikes, but let not those differences interrupt your conversation. They can hate maggie but have to accept it and let it go…pyaar, ishq main itna toh chalta hai.



4. Why have you come: “aap yahan aaye kisliye?”

Don’t go straight away with this question! It is indeed not amongst the questions to ask on a first date. But, if you’ll be able to ask it correctly, then you’ll know their pov for the date and why they chose you for their precious time (and not someone else). Also, tell them your reason. It will make them feel important, and your date will come out as a really constructive one.



5. Passionate talks: “so, what is that you are passionate about?”

Obviously, we do not mean wild talks here. LOL. Instead, you should ask about things they are passionate about and what makes them feel happy. It will open up a bunch of interesting questions to ask further. Here we go, with the flow with some meaningful conversation.



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6. A praising question: “ye kaha se liya?”

We are going to play masterstroke here. Praise about something your date is wearing. It can be anything, an accessory, hairstyle, scarf or whatever you feel can be worth praise. Then, ask about its details. There you can see that shine in their eyes explaining all about that thing.



7. Idea of love: “toh kya hai ye pyaar, according to you…”

Oof! On the first date, you need to know what they are looking for from you. So make this seemingly logical question look philosophical, asking about love. It will give you clarity if they are an old school soul, a trendy one or one with better check-in details.



8. Kharcha paani time: “what about splitting the cheque?”

It is something you should be careful about. Although it is okay to split the bill. But, if you are paying it solely, it can be a reason to ask for a second date! You can ask them to sponsor the next date, a smooth move but an effective one.



So, we hope this was a help in building a helpful conversation. Baaki let some casual humour appear here and there by asking “Biyaah nahi hua tumahara?” It will come out as a burst of laughter only and a happy beginning!

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