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Ramoji Film City Is India Aur Duniya Ka Largest Film Studio!

Ramoji Film City Is India Aur Duniya Ka Largest Film Studio!


Ramoji Film City is in Hyderabad, India is a mysterious (“bhootiya”) place in Hyderabad.


“Yaha city ke hotels me raat ke 12 baje ke baad bhoot or paranormal activity ki ghatna hoti hai” has remained more in vogue than “it is the World’s Largest Film Studio.”


Dive more into it and more about this “masterpiece of India” below:

1. People say that it was a war location before the film city. Many soldiers’ ghosts exist here, so this is the haunted house type where many accidents happen with the artist.

War location

2. According to the Guinness World Records, Ramoji Film City is the Largest Film Studio in the World located in Hyderabad, India.


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3. The Studio was constructed by a Telugu Film Producer named Ramoji Rao, opened in 1996.


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4. Plan your Ramoji Film City tour well before you travel. It will help you get a good feel of how film Studios are made, what it’s like behind the scenes of sets.

5. The studio is a tourist attraction with groups of individuals. Many families come to enjoy the site every year.

The Studio

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6. It is estimated that Ramoji Film City attracts about one and a half million visitors every year. Visitors can also enjoy various non-cinema-themed attractions like a Bird Park, Children’s Park, Water Fountains, etc.

Film City Tour

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7. The massive facility is marketed to appeal not only to cinephiles but to anyone in search of a family-friendly theme park experience.

8. There are so many eye-catching structures made with a wooden board: a fake Railway station, Airport, Hospital, village, town, London city, etc. Also, they kept birds, animals, butterflies in huge cages.

9. It’s a perfect getaway and park that stimulates the mind and heart alike, a package of entertainment and leisure hub. Ramoji Film City, stay with us to get a deeper insight into the World of Filmmaking.

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Ramoji Film City

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10. You can avail customized stay package exclusive for Winter Carnival and New Year Celebrations.

Winter Carnival and New Year Celebrations

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  1. Ramoji Day Tour:

Entry Time- 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM only

Day Tour Time- 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM

Ramoji Film City is a pleasing engagement with the magic of cinema. Its heavenly charm is unravelled in every element, including breath-taking avenues, landscape, make-believe, and unlimited fun and entertainment options.


Doesn’t sound like a haunted space to us till now!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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