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Rasgulla- Relish yourself in the White Spongy heaven!

Rasgulla- Relish yourself in the White Spongy heaven!


Are you seeking to satisfy your sweet tooth? This savory Bengali dish is the perfect way to give in to your guilty pleasures. Traditionally, rasogulla is a syrupy confection of white sponge and a flavored liquid called chashni. The spongy Rasogullas are a delight and, indulging in their every bite gives immense pleasure. Once you visit these places for your favorite sweet, there’s no going back! Listed below are the nine best spots. For your undying love of Rasgullas.

1. K.C Das

    Situated in Kolkata, India, this shop was established by Nobin Chandra Das and is famous for the sweet dish, Rasgulla.

2. The Bombay canteen

     A Bombay-based shop, known for its variety of food with the vision to showcase the diversity of India.

3. Chittaranjan Mistanna Bhandar

    One of the oldest sweet shops in Kolkata, located at Sovabarn North Kolkata, is famous for its delicious Rasgullas.

4. Nalin Chandra Das and Sons

    Since 1841, this shop offers the best Rasgullas, Sandesh, and special Chandrapuli, in North Kolkata. No matter where you go in Kolkata, this place is a must-have for a sweet buff.

5. Gopala

     With the tag of Best Rasgullas in Delhi, this place should be on everyone’s checklist.

6. Chhotu Motu Joshi sweet shop

     This sweet shop in Bikaner, India, is the one to fulfill your desire for a Rasgulla.

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7. Nathu sweets

    One of the most prominent shops, famous for Indian sweets, with branches in Cannought place, New Friends colony, and Sundar Nagar, is Nathu Sweets.

8. Om Sweets

     A very well-known shop in Delhi, as well as Gurgaon, serves mouth-watering Rasgullas.

9. Annapurna Sweet House

    Famous for its Bengali sweets, this place has alluring and tempting Rasgullas.

These shops are the most prominent, well known and with good quality of sweets. What are you waiting for? Go and give a rollercoaster ride to your taste buds!

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