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Receiving An Anonymous Threat Call? Here’s What To Do!

Receiving An Anonymous Threat Call? Here’s What To Do!

receiving an anonymous threat call

Receiving an anonymous threat call is almost like a frightening itch on one part of the body for no good reason at all!

As much as mobile phones have become a part of our bodies and lives, receiving an anonymous threat call can totally make one go out of his/her wits!

Hello Brother! (And also, sister!) Relax, relax, brother! Here’s how you can prevent your phone from giving space to threat calls and also, what you can do if you are receiving an anonymous threat call:

How to prevent yourself from receiving an anonymous threat call?

  • Block “kar, kar, kar, kar, kar, kar, kar…!” If you are receiving an anonymous threat call continuously, the first and foremost move is to block. This is because the phone has the option of “Anonymous call refusal”.
  • That old & boring pre-recorded precaution/advice is actually logical! No calls other than Caller-ID are essential for the individual to attend. No personal information should be shared with the scam caller.
receiving an anonymous threat call

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  • No matter how much one tries, be like an introvert and secretive/mysterious boy/girl when it comes to your personal data.
  • A lawsuit should be issued regarding the hazard calls. This is the measure that must be taken. A report of the same is made by the police and the cyber cell.
personal data leak

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How to go about a police complaint if you are receiving a threat call?

If the situation is becoming katei serious, then:

  • The law enforcement authorities must consider the allegation from the caller. Until making a lawsuit, there should be proper proof of the call.
police tracking

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  • The call for threats may be regular and permanent. If that’s the case, then a general complaint can be filed. The FIR will be made at the policing station if the individual receives frequent calls.
  •  No detail should be hidden from the officer while filing a complaint.
  • The policeman must take appropriate action to commence an inquiry.
  • If property and individuals are threatened, a person may approach the police for private police protection.
cyber threat

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Threat calls can be for real, but at the same time, they can also be a prank from your old or new buddies. Each one’s take, situation and approach to receiving an anonymous threat call is different. A typical step remains to simply block the number. But if that doesn’t seem to work, you must go and file an FIR against the threat call.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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