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Recruiting Human Resources Play Crucial Role In Company’s Success Beside Rangoli-Deco

Recruiting Human Resources Play Crucial Role In Company’s Success Beside Rangoli-Deco

Recruiting Human Resources

Recruiting Human Resources might be the most essential and hectic task of all once you are ready to soar your ideas to new heights.

Believe it or not, there’s a whole process to hire an employee in the company. It is one of the most difficult tasks if you desire to build a responsible and integrated team.

1. Recruiting Human Resources is more complex than it may seem. The hiring process revolves around a need within the organization ( vacant positions or team expansion). In simple terms, it means that vacancy could be newly formed or recently vacated.

Recruiting Human Resources

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2. The process begins with writing a job description that states the job requirements, skills, prerequisites, desired characteristics, and professional experience if required. It should also contain information about salary and benefits.

job vacancy

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3. A job description is listed on various job search websites and classified columns of the newspaper. Then people in search of a suitable job apply for vacancies.

newspaper jobs

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4. Human resource staff may also reach out directly to the desirable candidates via LinkedIn, Social Media, and Job Fairs.

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5. After receiving all the applications from the candidates, recruiters of human resource screen all those applications. Filtering through all the applications is necessary to find those fitting the job description.

6. Candidates whose applications are selected by the Hiring team are then notified as they have been selected for the interview round.

7. Sometimes, walk-in interviews are also conducted. In it, candidates willing to get a job directly walk into the company office for an interview.

interviews sms

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8. After the candidates arrive at the office, they are initially interviewed by a human resource recruiter. Candidates are further shortlisted to be interviewed by the respective department heads under whom the candidates would be working.

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9. There could be some other written assessments for the candidates to gauge their professional skills and knowledge.

Recruiting Human Resources

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When the interview is finished, the final candidates are selected for the position. Confirmation is given either on the same day or a few days after. An offer letter and a joining date are also explained.

The human resources department has always been convicted for doing nothing apart from making rangolis. In reality, one of their jobs is Recruiting Human Resources. Hiring suitable employees for a company is a lot of responsibility.

So there is more to being an HR than just conducting games and making rangolis.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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