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Rekhta: Urdu Shayari Ka Rakhwala!

Rekhta: Urdu Shayari Ka Rakhwala!


Hindustan ki mitti ke aasmaan ka jaadu, hindustan ka jaadu, sare jahan ka jaadu, srr chad ke bolta hai urdu zabaan ka jaadu! The Urdu language is nothing but pure and full of deep meanings. Aisi Sundar bhasha me shayari na suni to kya kiya? Let’s know about the one site that knows the value and preserves the Urdu literature.

  1. Sanjiv Saraf founded this website.

  2. The main objective of this website is to promote and make Urdu literature recognizable, especially Urdu poetry.

  3. Rekhta has a global readership from over 160 countries across the globe.

  4. Rekhta is the largest and the only container of Urdu poetry, with 30000 ghazals and nazms of over 2500 Urdu poets.

  5. Rekhta is no regular site. Along with an immense collection of Urdu poetry, this site has an inbuilt glossary for the ease of the readers. The meaning of every word is available with just a click.

  6. A person passionate about poetry can also explore the video and audio compositions of Shayaris available on the website.

  7. In keeping with the audience’s needs, this site is user-friendly with a section of Urdu Shayari for beginners. Here, they are introduced to comparatively easy poetry that is also accessible.

  8. Rekhta has started a platform for the young and upcoming poets. A place where they can showcase their talent and get published on the website.

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  9. Rekhta is the only website that bestows the honour of having the complete work of two great Urdu poets, Mir Taqi Mir and Mirza Ghalib.

  10. Are you curious enough now? Go ahead and check out this beautiful website:

“kuchh ghazlen un zulfon par hain kuchh ghazlen un ankhon par 

jaane wale dost ki ab ik yahi nishani baaqi hai”

Aisi or khoobsurat Shayari padhne ke liye head over to the website, Rekhta. Trust me! You won’t regret it. It’s magical!

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