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Relationship Silence Is For Those Jo Kuch Kahe Bin Sunn Lete Hai

Relationship Silence Is For Those Jo Kuch Kahe Bin Sunn Lete Hai



Relationship silence is always considered toxic when in reality, a healthy relationship is about silence. This is because, “jab lafzon mein bayaan na ho paaye baatein dil ki, tab bs aankhein hi baatein karti hai,” and no, we are not romanticising silence. It is just telling you how important it is for your relationship.



Are you sure that sitting together, embracing each other, stealing glances, eye contact–is all much more romantic and pacifying than just talking? Just break down all the stereotypes by making silence as part of bonding rather than overthinking.



Here is what relationship silence is about:



1. A Feeling Of Home

In a relationship, silence can reflect how much you are at ease with each other’s presence. It conveys that you don’t need words to express what you are feeling. That’s the best emotion for one, where you feel like being at home with no obligation to talk all the time.



2. A Mutual Understanding

Relationship silence without overthinking and fighting strengthen your bond. It shows how your mutual understanding and compatibility pays off your struggles. Once you become comfortable in each other’s silence, there’ll be calm in your storms.



3. No “Silent” Treatment

In a relationship, never use silence to punish each other. This is something worse that one can do with a significant other. Don’t be silent where you need to have a conversation. There should be no silence when you have to apologise for your mistakes. Silence should be peace, not a heart-wrenching feeling. Better sooner than later to know the difference.



4. Silence Is Not Boring

In a long term relationship or marriage, there comes a time when you are done with all the conversations. Some of you would consider it as “feeling bored,” but that silence is a victory for both of you. Just remember, you have explored each other enough. Now, there is no obligation to always talk to make the other one feel blending.



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5. Silence Is A Therapy

A relationship also needs its own repair and replenishment, which is relationship silence. After connecting to each other emotionally, you need some time to accept the flaws too. This way, you can love them at par. So silence makes you go for introspection and realising the importance of your relationship.



6. Aid To An Introvert

If you are in a relationship with an introvert, silence can help them in loving you more. Relationship silence expresses how much you respect the space and needs of your partner. So use this silence not to throw out anxiety attacks but to check up on their mental health.



7. Just Relax!!

In a relationship, you should not stay silent every time. Just know the difference where silence is not an exploiting thing. Being always silent is not something appreciative. Silence should be a moment of relaxation, not an excuse to make the other one feel unwanted.



Khamoshiyan can make you fall in love with more passion and spirit. It will add more warmth to your cosy moments, where you can hear each other’s breath without even the desire to speak. For singles: please, initiate talking!! Tabhi toh silence bhi ayega naa yaar!!!

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