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9 Great Inventions Of Renaissance Technology That We Are Still Thankful For!

9 Great Inventions Of Renaissance Technology That We Are Still Thankful For!


Renaissance technology was a scientific revolution spread in the Renaissance Period, roughly through the 14th-century to 16th century in Europe. The period saw technological progressions with inventors and inventions that we owe our modern lifestyles to. These included printing press, linear perspective in drawing, patent law, double shell domes, and bastion fortresses!

Here are the 9 great inventions of renaissance technology that we are still thankful for:

  1. Ice Cream 
  • Bernardo Buontalenti, a multi-hyphenate artist, sculptor, military engineer, and designer in the city, renewed the Medici love of exotic fruit sorbets and invented a new cream.
  • Nonetheless, there are numerous claims (from worldwide) about the creation of ice cream; the modern version was popularised in the courts of medieval Florence.
Ice Cream
  1. The Paddle Boat
  • Leonardo invented the paddle boat. 
  • He made a perfect design impelled by 2 pedals linked by a belt and reversed by a crank system, the gearing mechanism with continuous motion and increased speed.
  1. Glasses
  • It was not clear who invented glasses, but it’s been found in Western Europe in the late thirteenth century.
  • With the printing press invention in the 1400s, the need for eyeglasses extended.
  1. Menswear 
  • Thee most Italian pursuits went international during the Renaissance.
  • Attendants were initially bemused when Charles VIII of France returned from a royal visit to Italy and started objecting about the cut of his trousers. They caught the style bug soon enough.

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  1. Technical drawings
  • Technical drawings of artist-engineer invented the idea of using technical illustrations or diagrams.
  • His training as an artist predominated. He designated his ideas and designs for war machines and engineering constructions by providing perspective sketches and drawings.
  1. Printing Press 
  • Venice was an actual launchpad for new printing press technology. The place began the invention of the kind that is currently operating in Germany.
  • Johannes Gutenberg, German, has the credits for the invention of the Printing Press in 1440. The guy literally began the Printing Revolution.
  1. Paperback books 
  • The culture of reading books was initiated during the renaissance period.
  • In La Serenissima, by the end of the 1500s, more than 150 typographers. At least one-third of all printed materials in the world were being produced.
Paperback books

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  1. Parachute 
  • The design of Leonardo was for a wooden structure with a triangular linen chute, directing some later experts to question its capacity to take the weight of an average adult human.
  1. Telescope 
  • Dutch eyeglass maker, Hans Lippershey, was the first person to apply for a patent for a telescope. He claimed a device that could magnify things three times.
  • The telescope was one of the Renaissance inventions that changed the world. By dint of a telescope, scientists could venture into the sky.

No doubt! The Renaissance technology or period brought changes in technology to paintings, sculptures, and artists learned a drawing technique.

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