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10 Richest Bodybuilders In The World

10 Richest Bodybuilders In The World


Bodybuilding has become a whole separate world in itself these days. Thanks to the inspiring strugglers, like Arnold and Kai Greene, who are also the richest bodybuilders in the world.


This Blog tells you about, Top 10 Richest Bodybuilders of the World, to not only stimulate the spirits and ambitions of fitness or sports freaks but anyone and everyone!


Get ready to be encouraged with names of the richest bodybuilders of the world! Here we go:

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger: The world’s richest bodybuilder, he started his career as a teenager. Today, he is also widely known as an actor, producer, investor, author, businessman, and politician, possessing a net worth of $300million.

2. Rich Gaspari: Named as The Dragon Slayer and enlisted in IFBB Hall of Fame in 2014, he is the second richest bodybuilder having a net worth of $90million.

3. Jay Cutler: Mr Olympia, for 4-years, Cutler owns a net worth of $30million.

  1. Triple H: Paul Michael Levesque a.k.a Triple-H, is known as the greatest wrestlers of all time and has a net worth of $25million.

5. Ronnie Coleman: Though retired, he remained eight times Mr Olympia titleholder, today possessing the net worth of $10million.

6. Gary Strydom: An American IFBB bodybuilder NPC Championship, Florida winner, Gary has a net worth of $8million.

7. Dexter Jackson: American bodybuilder known as The Blade, Jackson has the record of winning 9-times in the Arnold Classic. He owns $7million net worth. 

8. Phil Heath: The first active and professional bodybuilder who runs his own sports nutrition company. He has a net worth of around $5million.

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9. Dorian Yates: 6-times Mr Olympia winner, he is also a businessman, having a net worth of $4million

10. Mike O’Hearn: Mike is also known as the Titan. He is the Founder of the Power Building Training Program and has a net worth, $2.5million.

Now, if you are wondering if bodybuilding cannot earn you much–well–think again!

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