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Rishabh, the Ox Form Of Lord Shiva

Rishabh, the Ox Form Of Lord Shiva

Sarthak Mittal

Amongst the many incarnations of Lord Shiva, the tenth Avatar was of Rishabh, and here you’ll now be reading the tale behind this face of Shiva.

1. After Samudra Manthan, when the elixir of life (Amrit Kalash) was finally out, to hide it from the eyes of demons, Lord Vishnu composed many beautiful apsaras.

Samudra Manthan

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2. Demons lost their mind and beauty, taking them to their abode (patal lok) or underworld.

3. The demons then returned again to take control of the Amrit. By that time, Lord Vishnu had made the deities drink all the elixir.


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4. As demons got to know about this, they were enraged and attacked the deities but were defeated. To save their life demons ran towards their abode.

5. But, Lord Vishnu chased the demons and killed them (in their abode). Nonetheless, Lord Vishnu was attracted to the apsaras who were taken to the underworld by the demons.


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6. During His stay in the underworld, many sons of Vishnu took birth. But, all of them were cruel and evil. They started torturing the Gods and the whole universe.

7. All the deities, gods, and sages, then went to Lord Shiva for help.

8. He went to the abode of Demons in the form of an Ox (Vrishabh) and killed all the cruel sons of Lord Vishnu with his sharp horns.

Ox (Vrishabh), Rishabh

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9. After seeing this, Lord Vishnu came forward to fight Lord Shiva. He attacked Lord Shiva, but as He couldn’t be conquered, ultimately Vishnu was able to recognize Him and returned back to Vishnu-Lok.

Lord Vishnu, Rishabh

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This was the story behind the tenth incarnation of Lord Shiva, Rishabh

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