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Thanks To The Invention Of Router To Keep Us Wired!

Thanks To The Invention Of Router To Keep Us Wired!


Today, we cannot imagine our world without a router!

But who and how were these “boredom-repellents” to whom we owe our time and money, came into existence?

1. Part of the hardware system, this is a networking device with more friends than us, and even, loyal and supportive towards them.


2. Donald Davis introduced the concept of Interface Computers in 1966 for NPL networks.

Thus, IMP’s (Interface Messenger Processor) is considered as the predecessor of the router.

Interface Computers

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3. Noel Chiappa and William Yeager, the staff researchers of MIT and Stanford respectively, created the first multiprotocol router.

First multiprotocol router

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4. The router navigates the traffic on the internet, forwarding the loads of data in the form of packets between computers.

Router Cable

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5. The router transmits packets to an internetwork (formerly called the internet) which further transmits them to the device via fibres or cables.

6. This sums up the ultimate job of a router, that is to determine the final destination of the data by reading the address information in the packet header.

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7. Acting as a security guard by preventing any intruders into the system, it turns on the firewall and keeps your personal information, safe “and sound”.

Hey, do you know that the top routers in India are Asus and TP-LINK TL-WR841N?

Their internet connection serves not only households and companies but are also adored for high power gaming!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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