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Rs 100 Street Food From Around the World

Rs 100 Street Food From Around the World


There are so many types of street food in this weird and diverse place called “world”. One thing that's a norm in some parts might be taboo in others. This diversity is also in what we can eat for a fixed amount. In our country, one can get a plate of Chole Bhature for Rs 100. But have you ever wondered what people get in Rs 100 in countries that have no Chole Bhature? A place with no Chole Bhature may seem like a dark place at first glance, but don't worry! There are other tasty snacks as well.

Find below the street foods from around the world whose prices in their respective currencies are approximate to the value of Rs 100 in India!

1. In the Netherlands, Rs 100 can get you a full-sized breakfast. And that's not all! You can even get a cup of coffee with it. Now ain't that something?

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2. In New York, Rs 100 will get you a Hotdog. This snack consists of a Frankfurter, a sausage made of beef and pork, squeezed inside a long bun. A Hotdog can be topped with various sauces, ketchup and mustard being the most popular.

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3. In Tokyo, Japan, Rs 100 will get you a Taiyaki. A warm, fish-shaped cake is filled with red bean paste. It is a delicious, sweet snack.

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4. If you need a heavy snack, go to Mexico City, Mexico and have a Guajolota. It consists of a tamale sandwiched between two slices of bread. Tamale, a Mesoamerican dish, is a steamed corn husk or banana leaf.

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5. We all love Chinese food. In Shanghai, China, you can get pan-fried buns for Rs 100. These buns are similar to “our” momos and are available in a variety of fillings.

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6. Europe has some of the best street food in the world. In Madrid, Spain, Rs 100 will get you a Churro, a dish made of fried dough. It can be eaten with salt or sprinkle some powdered sugar on it, and it can be eaten as a dessert.

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7. Vietnam is a street food lover's paradise. The country has several snacks that you can get for under Rs 100. The first snack that comes to mind is Xoi Chien. It's a Tikki made using sticky rice. A delicious snack, it is loved by people both young and old.

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8. Another cheap snack is the Vietnamese Meat Popsicle, known natively as Nem Bo Nuong Sa. This delicious snack is made using seasoned ground meat, which is wrapped around a spring onion popsicle. For Rs 100, you can get around 4 of these popsicles.

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That is all. This much talk about street food has made us hungry. It's time that we see some food videos on Youtube. Eating street food during a crisis like a coronavirus is not possible after all.

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