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Aao Jaane Chaar Panktiyo Mein Bandhi Rubai Ke Baare Mein

Aao Jaane Chaar Panktiyo Mein Bandhi Rubai Ke Baare Mein


Rubai is carefully arranged rhythmically and often preferred to set the story in short lines, a poem is all about deep feelings and expressions. 

Likewise, Rubaiyat is a name given to a poem in Persian verse.

1. 4-Lines: The Rubaiyat has a stanza consisting of short 4-lines known as rubai.


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  1. Genre:
  • Rubai is one of the genres used for the poem.
  • It is usually used in Nazm (a type of poetry). 
  • In the English language, it simply means stanza.

3. Rhyming Pattern: The poem in the Persian form follows the scheme: AABA or AAAA.

  1. Meter:
  • Each rhythm has its unit based on which the verses are decided. That unit is known as the meter.
  • Every poet follows different patterns of the meter.
  • A foot is another name for a meter.
  • Iambic pentameter, trimeter, iambic tetrameter, etc., are all examples of the meter.
  • It may be possible that there are 24 prescribed meters for writing rubai.

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  1. Following are some proficient poets and their numbers of rubai:
  • Omar Khayyam- More than 100 
  • Ahmad Husain Mail-19 
  • Akbar Allahabadi-54 
  • Baqar Mehdi-30 
sketch of proficient poets

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  1. Example of Rubai in the English Language:

A poem written by Robert Frost, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, is meaningful truth about life:

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep, 

And miles to go before I sleep.

And miles to go before I sleep.”

The scheme of the rhyme is ‘AABA’.

poem written by Robert Frost, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

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  1. Rubai Example in the Urdu Language:

Presenting to you the beautiful and essential rubai from Rūmī’s Dīwān-i Shams:

“Anwār-i Ṣalāḥ-i Dīn bar angēkhta bād

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Dar dīda u jān-i ʿāshiqān rēkhta bād

Har jān ki laṭīf gasht u az luṭf guzasht

Bā khāk-i Ṣalāḥ-i Dīn dar āmēkhta bād”

The meter used by the poet is: – – u u – u – u – – u u –


Rubai in the Urdu Language

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Consisting of several meters, each poet uses a different pattern in rubai. Nonetheless, it may be possible that all lines of a rubai are unrhythmic.

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