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Anger Of Sage Durvasa And Draupadi Bhakti

Anger Of Sage Durvasa And Draupadi Bhakti

Sarthak Mittal

Once the Sage Durvasa was manipulated by Duryodhan to go to Pandavas hut while they were still in exile.

Get an easy read around this incident below:

1. Once Rishi Durvasa visited the house of Duryodhan, the enemy cousin of Yudhisthira. Duryodhan impressed Sage Durvasa in every way.

2. Sage Durvasa then wished to give some gift to him, and Duryodhan knew about Durvasa’s mystic powers. He was also aware of Durvasa’s dissatisfaction, which can cause some damage.

3. Duryodhan designed a plot to engage the Brahman to show his love upon his enemy cousins, the Pandavas.

4. He asked Durvasa that he could visit the house of Yudhisthira, as a gift. But on his request, he would go to Yudhisthira only after he had finished his meal with his queen, Draupadi.

5. Duryodhan was aware that after Draupadi’s dinner, it would be impossible for Yudishtra to receive a large number of Brahman guests. Thus, the Rishi would be angry. So, Durvasa created some trouble for Yudhishtra. (The plan was to destroy Yudhishtra).

6. Durvasa Muni agreed to this proposal. He approached the Yudhisthira in exile after the Draupadi and Yudishtra finished their meals. Yudhishthira welcomed Durvasa and his disciples with respect.

7. Yudhishthira requested him to complete their noontime religious prayer as by that time the food would be prepared. All Rishis went to take a bath in the river, and Yudishtra was in great anxiety about the guests

8. Draupadi thought about Lord Krishna in such a deadlocked situation, and Lord also knew the serious position on which His devotee was.

9. Lord Krishna came there and asked Draupadi to give whatever food she might have in her stock. Draupadi was crying in front of Him as she didn’t have any food to cook.

10. She said to Lord that the mysterious dish which she had received from Sun God could supply any amount of food but only if she had not eaten it. But, on that day, she had already taken a meal and thus, they were in danger of becoming the victim of Sage Durvasa’s anger.

11. Seeing Draupadi in such sadness and confusion, Lord Krishna asked her to bring any cooking pot she might have to see if there was anything at all left to eat. Draupadi did the same.

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12. Once taking the pot from Draupadi, Lord Krishna found some particles of food, sticking to the container. He picked and ate it. After doing so, the Lord asked Draupadi to call her guests.

13. Bhima was sent to call them from the river and tell them the food was ready, but Rishis felt fully fed, even while they were in the water (as Krishna ate a particle of food).

14. All Brahmans felt that Yudhishtra must have prepared many dishes for them, but as they couldn’t eat anything, they felt sorry. They decided to go away instead.

15. This incident has become for the believers a proof that God is mystic, and they do everything they can for their devotees.

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