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Sambh, Son Of Lord Krishna Who Was Wrongly Cursed

Sambh, Son Of Lord Krishna Who Was Wrongly Cursed

Sarthak Mittal

The following story covers the story of Sambh, the son of Lord Krishna. He was mistakenly cursed of disease by his father.

1. One day Naradmuni went to Dwarka to meet all the sons of Krishna. Everyone, including Krishna, greeted Naradmuni, except one.

Sambh Dwarka

2. Sambh was that one son of Krishna. Sambh was a very handsome and attractive person. Laughing at Narada, Sambh began laughing and denied to greet Narada.

3. After observing the behaviour of Sambh, Narada informed Krishna about His son.

4. After some time, Naradmuni went to Dwarka again. At the time, Krishna was sitting with His wives in their room.

5. Sambh was playing outside the house at that time, and Naradmuni asked Sambh to inform Krishna, His father, of His arrival. Sambh went to tell about the same to his father from some distance.

6. Sambh thought that his Dad was sitting in privacy with His mothers. Thus, if he would go inside or come in front of Him, Krishna might punish him.


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7. Narada also followed Sambh to Krishna’s room. Queens of Krishna were attracted to Sambh. Krishna thought that His son was watching His queens in the wrong way. He thus cursed Sambh that he will be suffering from leprosy.

8. Seeing this, Naradmuni explained to Krishna that Sambh looks at His queens just like his mother, Jambavati.

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9. Krishna, feeling guilty on His decision of cursing His son, and looking at him suffering from leprosy, desired to cure him.

cursed Sambh

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10. Krishna asked Sambh to go Kashi and do penance to please Lord Surya (Sun). Pleased by Sambh’s devotion, Surya freed Sambh from his disease.

And so we realise that even the finest of kings can often miscommunicate and misjudge. So, it’s okay if you have ever done so, but then, like Lord Krishna only, say “sorry” too, to your dear ones, regardless of who or what they are. Right?

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