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Samuel Beckett: Lesser Known Facts about the Master of Tragic-Comedy

Samuel Beckett: Lesser Known Facts about the Master of Tragic-Comedy


The master of tragic-comedy and black-comedy, and the innovator of shortest play in the world, Breath (1969), Samuel Beckett has remained a significant playwright, novelist, and stage director, not only in the Theatre of the Absurd but the entire history of drama and the modernist movement as well.

The following blog covers some lesser-known facts about the master playwright, Samuel Beckett.

  1. Samuel Barclay Beckett enjoyed the irony of being born on a religiously connoted date.

  2. He worked as James Joyce’s amanuensis (artistic assistant) – until the writers fell out.

  3. After he rejected the solicitations of a pimp, he attacked Beckett with a knife. Beckett ended up with a perforated lung.

  4. He broke literary rules by not including characters and plots in the story.

  5. As a boarding school student in Northern Ireland, Beckett was an excellent cricket player. Beckett played a few games for the Dublin University Cricket Club.

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  6. He has also made a weird movie with Buster Keaton.

  7. There is a bridge in honor of Beckett where only his nephew and niece were present at its opening ceremony in Dublin in December 2009.

  8. During World War II, Beckett joined the French Resistance to fight the Nazis.
    Beckett was buried with his wife on 22 December 1989, when he died in a nursing house, undergoing the disease, emphysema.

Beckett’s tombstone was “any color so long as it’s grey,” and with this, curtains down!

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