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Saptarishis (7-Holy Sages) Created by Lord Brahma

Saptarishis (7-Holy Sages) Created by Lord Brahma

Sarthak Mittal

7 Holy Sages were assigned by Lord Brahma to be present through the 4-Ages to guide humans. These seven sages are known as Saptarishis (where Sapta means seven and Rishis means Sage).

Let’s know more about these Saptarishis in the following blog:

1. Seven Sages were born from the mind of Lord Brahma.

7-Holy Sages

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2. These 7 Rishis were assigned to serve as the spokesperson of Brahma himself, to guide the humans throughout the 4 great ages.

3. The first sage, Rishi Vishwamitra, was born as a Chandravanshi Prince. He was the son of Rishi Kusha. A courageous warrior, Vishwamitra has been known as the discoverer of the Gayatri-Mantra. He was also credited to be the author of the Mandal 3 of Rigveda.

4. The second sage is Vashishtha, who was credited as the chief author of the Mandala 7 of Rigveda. He was also called the first sage of the Vedanta and the teacher of Lord Rama.

5. Rishi Atri, the 3rd sage, was credited for composing a large number of hymns dedicated to Vedic deities in Hinduism. The fifth Mandala of the Rigveda is called Atri Mandal.

Rigveda, Saptarishis

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6. Gautama Maharishi was credited with discoveries of Mantras. He was the forefather of Gautama-Gotra.


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7. Jamdagni was the father of Parshuram (the sixth avatar of Vishnu). He was also the descendant of Sage Bhrigu (one of the Prajapati made by Brahma).

8. The father of Guru Dronacharya, Rishi Bharadwaj was the son of Devrasi Brihaspati. He was also the author of the Ayurveda.


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9. Rishi Kashyap was the son of Rishi Marichi and the grandson of the Lord Brahma. He was the author of the Kashyap Samhita.

Om Saptarishis

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As Saptarishis gain knowledge from the Brahman, they are also known as Brahmarishis.

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