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Scanner- Adding Quality To Too Many Sectors

Scanner- Adding Quality To Too Many Sectors



Scanner got you fixed, remember? When?

Well, at the time when you felt lazy to copy the whole assignment from your college mates!


Scanners (being your life saviour) deserve to be understood. Know about this taken-for-granted technology below:

1. An image scanner is a device that optically scans printed text, handwriting, images and converts them into a digital image.

Image Scanner

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2. Everybody Knows about fax machines. Scanners are the successor of fax input devices. In the 1860s, Giovanni Caselli developed the pantelegraph, a facsimile machine.

3. Modern scanners equip a charge-coupled device or a contact image sensor.

Modern scanners

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4. The first-ever image scanner to be compatible with a computer developed in 1957. It was a drum scanner that uses photomultiplier tubes instead of the charge-coupled device.

5. A flatbed scanner is also called a reflective scanner. It is due to its working by shining white light scanned-object, analysing the intensity and colour of light reflected from the object.

6. Nowadays, Iris Scanners are very essential for high-security spaces as the risk of manipulating them is very minute, compared to other security devices.

7. It is believed that it is better to scan the negative (film) rather than the actual picture. The negative film provides a better colour resolution to work rather than a print.

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8. A 3D scanner is used to create a 3-dimensional image of an object. The scanned 3D image is then worked upon to improve many of our favourite and widely used products.

9. MRI Scanners and CT scanners play a vital role in the healthcare sector, diagnosing many fatal diseases in their early stages.

MRI Scanners

via netdoctor

Due to the use of scanners, mistakes in the documentation have become very minimal. It has also made security almost impregnable and diseases curable due to their early and easy diagnosis.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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