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Science of how everything works!

Science of how everything works!




Applied science is a practical part of science. Toh basically, when we ask yeh kaam bhi krta hain we need to see the applied science behind it! Keep scrolling to know more!


1) The practice of applied science refers to employing the scientific method and the conclusions derived from it to achieve practical goals.


2) It encompasses a variety of disciplines, including engineering and medicine.


3) Thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, kinematics, electromagnetism, materials science, earth science, and engineering physics comprise engineering fields.


4) The medical sciences, for example, medical microbiology and clinical virology, apply biology to the design of medical inventions and knowledge, but not necessarily to the development of medical technology, which is more relevant to biomedicine or biomedical engineering.


5) Bachelor of Science (Applied Science) has been introduced relatively recently to India. There are few universities offering bachelor courses in applied science, including Delhi University, Allahabad University, and Amity University.


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6) The term science is used in several different ways. These include animal husbandry, agriculture, horticulture, food science, food engineering, medicine, nanoscience, biotechnology,  etc. 


7) A student must pass 10+2 with science subjects to be eligible for B.Sc. In just the same way as regular B.Sc. students must pass 10+2 with science subjects.


8) B.Sc Applied Sciences course is all about concentrating on the importance of knowledge in the modern society for the development of some specific Industries. The Subjects taught in this course are Animal Science, Biology, Mathematics, and Plants, etc.


So this was all about Applied science! If you are trying to pursue a career in this area, do head in our career category! Keep following for more such content!

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